World tour Bolivia Quijarro Santa-Cruz Samaipata

 “El tren de la muerta”, also known as the death train, travels from Quijarro, at the Brazilian Border to Santa Cruz, Bolivia’s largest city. The train is very famous and often described as a backbreaking journey through soy plantations and the steamy Pantanal. This is partly where the train got his dark name from.

We took the bus, which I think should get the same dark name, “el bus de la muerte”, because it is also indescribably uncomfortable! 26 hours of pain through the Pantanal! On the other hand it was a great adventure. We finally felt like we were travelling! I sincerely think that after crossing the biggest swamp of the world in the middle of the rainy season in a Bolivian bus, we can handle any kind of transportation. The 24 hours flight to Australia doesn’t look like an obstacle anymore. After 28 hours we finally arrived in Santa Cruz. From Santa Cruz we took the Samaipata express taxi. You share a cab with 4 people and the 3 hours drive cost you 4€.

Watch out! Some people dress up as fake policemen and hand out falls visas.

Watch out! Remember to pay a visit to the bathroom before boarding a Bolivian bus, because there is no bathroom aboard and the diver will only stop every 5hours.

Watch out! In Bolivia toilet paper in your bag is a must!


One Comment on “World tour Bolivia Quijarro Santa-Cruz Samaipata

  1. Quelle chance vous avez de vivre une aventure aussi chouette profitez-en biz Silke

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