World tour Bolivia Samaipata (1650m)

We came from Rio de Janeiro and we found peace in Samaipata. With peace of mind came sports. Every morning before breakfast, we would go for a run, a swim and do some Pilates exercises. Wonderful!

This beautiful village set amid the stunning wilderness surrounds of the Cordillera Oriental is a perfect base for treks into Amboro National Park. There are numerous sights to explore. El Fuerte appears to be the biggest pre-Inca carved stone in the world; it’s definitely worth a look. We are not that into “old stones”, but the view is stunning!

In the weekends, the party people from Santa Cruz disturb this wonderful peace to “party” in a more beautiful surround. They get wasted and it’s very annoying.

We finally got baptised with travel diarrhoea! Our bus ride to Sucre was that same night. There are no bathrooms in Bolivian busses and the drivers only stop every 5hours.Luckily we were able to postpone the bus ride until the next day. One of our medicine bags got stolen in Santa Cruz when we got of the bus, so we had no Imodium. In a Bolivian pharmacy we found RestorFlore, which works even better than Imodium.

To eat, Samaipata has several breakfast opportunities. At the Posada del sol, Trent and Rosario make the best breakfast of Bolivia and the French bakery, next to the plaza, makes wonderful croissants! The “Mercado central” offers the best “almuerzo’s”, soup and main dish for 9B$ (0, 90€). Another great place is Chakana, right on the plaza.

In Bolivia you definitely get your dose of carbohydrates. Mostly you can choose between 2 meals, meat or chicken with potatoes, rice, French fries and a side salad. Bolivian food is tasteful and cheap.

To sleep, the Posada del Sol, for me, is the best place in town, Another option is el Jardin, as the name says; it’s a wonderful garden with tons of flowers and fruit trees. The million of mosquitoes and sand flies do kill the magic.

Info about Samaipata:,


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