Bolivia Potosi (4060m)

Potosi is the world’s highest city and also another Unesco World Heritage site. Potosi is well-known for its silver mines, which in the past have been very lucrative. Today thousand continue to work in the mines, although the resources are nearly extenuated.

We choose not to go on a mine tour and we celebrated carnival with the minors. Which, in the beginning was a little odd; they would perform traditional dances and at the same time get bombarded with water balloons and shaving cream. Afterwards we realised that the water and the shaving cream which represents the original flour, were symbolic for a purification of their sins. Even before knowing that, we put on our rain coat and bought some shaving cream of our own. Let’s go children! As you can see on the pictures, we had a blast!!

To eat in Potosi, Pete’s Place Potosi, Great place, great meat dishes, vegetarian dishes, pizzeria, good wine. Pete’s place is situated behind the cathedral, in the “Calle matos”.

Koala café, Candelaria, Is for me one of the best meals I had since we arrived in South- America. They have a menu at 35B$, 4dishes, I tasted the “Llama a la plancha”, which was wonderful! They are specialised in vegetarian dishes, llama meat and handicraft from the region.

To sleep in Potosi, Koala Den, Great hostel! Perfect breakfast, 7 computers, WIFI, great beds, a lot of books, book exchange, laundry, a backpacker’s heaven!


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