World tour Bolivia from Tarija to Tupiza

After all these horrible yet adventurous bus rides, we finally decided not to book trips longer than 10hrs. We boarded the buss for Tupiza at 8:30 PM, it was supposed to be an 8 hour drive, and instead it took us 24 hrs!

After a nice nap, I woke up and realised the bus was parked along the road and both bus drivers were sleeping. At dawn they started working on the bus, the transmission failed and they had to wait until the next day to buy a new one. In Bolivia they don’t send a new bus, passengers wait with the driver.

I admire Bolivian drivers; they drive unbelievably long hours and are extremely qualified mecanics, they can change absolutely every part of their bus on the side of the road.

After 10hours of waiting the bus finally was fixed!

Now, the other problem was that the road to Tupiza was impassable. I’m not sure if the bridge broke down or if the rocks collapsed, but the point was there was no way of passing.

Then we had to wait for another 2 hours before they could decide to drop us of at the bridge and let us walk one hour and half or if the bus would go to Tupiza using another way.

After long discussions they finally decided to take the longer way.

This way was definitely not supposed for busses, even the driver did the sign of the cross before hitting the road, it was madness!! Precipices everywhere, tiny roads, tiny villages, rivers to pass, madness!!

We were sitting in the front row, and every time the driver would make a turn, we would feel like he was going to jump into the precipice. I’m sure everyone was thinking the same way: “Please God don’t make me be one of the 20 busses that fall into this canyon every year!”

We arrived safe and sound, 16 hours later than planned!


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