Bolivia Lake Titicaca Isla Del Sol

On the Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca, the Isla Del Sol (Island of the Sun) and the Isla De La Luna (Island of the Moon) are the most known islands of the lake. The Isla Del Sol, in Inca mythology, is the birthplace of the sun. The bearded white God Viracocha and the first Inca Manco Copac, and his sister-wife, Mama Huaca made their first appearance here.

We decided to visit the Isla Del Sol and finally spend 10days on the island!

We found a great Bolivian family, 3 brothers who opened an ecological hostel. We had an elementary room for 15B$pp (1, 5€), we could use their kitchen, which was made out of clay and would heat up with a fire. We were sharing the life of a regular Bolivian family! We sat on trunks to cook and to eat, used stones as kitchen appliances and to perfect the happiness the view up there was unbelievable! We could see several parts of the lake and the Cordillera Real’s snowy tops were right in front of our parlour. The daily hike up there was hard, but absolutely worth it!

The Isla Del Sol has amazing walking tracks. The northern part of the island, Cha’llapampa, is known for his beautiful beaches and the best preserved Inca ruins of the island. To reach the ruins, you pass on the most amazing beach of the Island. On the map, the beach appears right after you cross “Co Kollabaya”, you walk a nice 45 minutes along the cost, the view is unbelievable!

The south of the island, Yumani, is known for being the mountain part of the island (4065m). The Temple of the sun offers an amazing sunset and you can’t miss the Inca stairs! We spend one night in the south, at Don Thomas, which isn’t really a recommendation, but there is a micro climate, you can easily go for a swim. Apparently every island has a windy side.

The north and the south are connected by several paths. We walked to the south using the path that goes along the coast; we encountered several beaches and walked up different hills. We came back to the north along the mountain path that took us through eucalyptus woods and over the highest mountains of the island, which gave us a beautiful view of both parts of the island, which are surrounded by water. If you are staying at Don Alfonso, while coming back from the south, before arriving at the ruins, you can orientate yourself and cut through the wild, you’ll encounter a wonderful path cutting through eucalyptus woods!

Our favourite part of the island remains the north.

To sleep on the Isla Del Sol, north- beach part, Don Alfonso Ecological Hostel, 15B$pp, elementary shared bathroom; kitchen in clay with fire, shared with Bolivian family, best place ever!

Direction: When you get of the boat, take the path to the left, walk up the hill and you’ll see the sign (the houses with the blue windows and the straw roofs). Situated on the map, right above the “Bahia Cha’lla”.

To eat on the Isla Del Sol, Hamburguesa on the most beautiful beach of the island, Victor has the cleanest kitchen and sells the best burgers of Bolivia! With French fries, for 5B$ (0,50€), he’s only open in the evening.

@12:00, terrace in front of the pear where the boats arrive, cheap almuerzo’s, great quinoa soup!

For dinner, The wooden door on the way to the most beautiful beach of the island, serves soup + dinner plate (chicken, trout, lasagne,…) @20B$ (2€) and a bottle of wine @25b$, cheapest of the island, only open in the evening.


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