Peru Colca Canyon

According to the Lonely Planet, Colca Canyon is one of the world’s deepest canyons, 3191m. The deepest canyon is his neighbour, Canon del Cotahuasi, which is 163m deeper.

We booked a tour at the hostel with Peru Andes Expedition, but my advice would be to do the trek without a tour operator. Contrarily to what they will tell you, it’s an easy path and there’s no way of getting lost! Moreover, down in the canyon is “Paradise Lodge”, an oasis where you should stay more than one night! An oasis with natural pools, rocks to jump of, palm trees, tables made out of palm trees, heaven really!

On the first day, the trek gets you into the canyon, a 3hours long downhill walk, which is very unpleasant after waking up at 3 in the morning. The second day is a nice 3 hours walk in the canyon. After which you arrive at “Paradise lodge”!!!

The walk to ge out of the canyon will be remembered! It’s a 6km long path, that takes you 1200m higher! YihAA, that was a challenge!

If you take the tour, watch out for the last “almuerzo”, it’s a buffet and they will charge you 20soles for it! Without telling you in advance!

To sleep down in Canyon Colca, get the Palmeras lodge, it’s the best!


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  1. Love you babe !!! I read everything and love it. Keep writing to us !!!

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