World tour Lima Peru

Lima is Peru’s capital and largest city. According to Wikipedia, in Latin America, Lima is the 4th largest city, just behind São Paulo, Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro. It is also one of the most important cities in the world levelled with Tokyo, New York, Paris, London, Sydney and Dubai. The Commerce and economy of Lima are classified as the biggest percentage of South America, together with Santiago, São Paulo, Buenos Aires, and Caracas.

Lima counts 43 districts. The urban area of Lima covers about 800 km2 and its population is 7 605 743, 3 008 inhabitants per km².

Miraflores, the fancy side of Lima, counts ultramodern shopping malls with wonderful restaurants overseeing the Pacific Ocean, which is packed with surfers. As every city, Lima offers various possibilities. You can eat fresh seafood, go paragliding of a cliff and dance all night in bohemian Barranco’s bars and clubs.

We choose to cook at our hostel, bike through the city and have a drink at Mango’s, great restaurant with a wonderful view of the sea and white little stones under your feet, very fancy!

We biked to the Plaza Mayor, along the Calle Arequipa, which has a cycle track. The last part was a little tricky, between busses, cars and pedestrians.  

Accommodation in Lima, “Casa Del Mochilero”(the backpacker’s house).Great deans. Comfort and clean atmosphere, free internet, WIFI, kitchen, cable TV, rent bicycles and barbecue on the roof terrace! @ 15 soles pp (4$). We had a great room with two beds and a huge TV with Desperate Housewives! Heaven! Haha. Tel.: (51-1) 4-44-90-89, Jr. Cesareo Chacaltana 130 a, second floor.

Restoration in Lima, Vivanda, supermarket where you can eat for 7 soles/ 500gr.

Mango’s, A little pricy but definitely worth it just for the view and location! Centro commercial Larcomar.



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