Honduras Utila Island

According to Footprint, the Bay Islands off the northern coast of Honduras provide some of the best reef diving of the Caribbean. Thanks to their warm clear Caribbean waters. We spend a week on the island of Utila, which is described as the cheapest and least developed of the Bay Islands. We have not seen the other islands, but as you can see, Utila is very nice! For us, after travelling trough South-America, with the diving, it was heaven on earth!

Most importantly, Utila is well-known for very reasonable priced diving.  Lots of people come here to get certified. The conditions are truly perfect!

The white- sand beaches, the tropical sunsets and the relaxed atmosphere, add up to “The Good Vibration” of the Island. I never imagined there would be a place like this on earth. The streets are packed with dive centres! We saw eagle rays and tarpons passing next to the deck at sunset! There are seahorses, turtles and eels swimming under the deck! The tourists are all divers! The dive centres offer free accommodation for the divers. They offer free kayaks and free snorkelling gear.

The island is a very pleasant place to spend a holidays. Picture the typical Caribbean island, without any cars, only golf carts! Its like you’re in a movie. Great little restaurants, from a typical little street shack to a nice Indian Wok!

Picture the Bob Marley song with the typical Honduran Mama Evelyn dancing along with her perfect rhythm and her perfect smile! Now you’ve pictured Utila!

Accommodation in Utila Honduras, Alton’s dive centre, www.diveinutila.com, Tel.: 504 425 3704, info@diveinutila.com. (the backpackers package, 265$ for 10 dives)

Restauration in Utila Honduras, Evelyn’s bar- bbq, Great lobster, great cocktails, good barbecue place! (+/- 10$pp)

The Indian wok, very good thai- Indian food! (+/- 10$pp)

 Websites: http://www.caribbeancoast.com/bayislands/index.cfm

Pictures Sources: http://www.richard-seaman.com; http://reefguide.org/.


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