The Belize Cayes : Placencia- Lagoon Caye- Tobacco Caye and Goffs Caye


In Belize, you will encounter many different landscapes. The mountainous, tropical rainforest with its abundant wildlife! The subtropical foothills, where cattle, rice, sugar and fruit trees are cultivated. The small islands, known as Cayes with their beautiful beaches! I must say, as Bolivia, Belize is definitely a country I would advise you to visit.

On the coast, between Guatemala and Mexico, Belize and its hundreds of cayes, measures 174 miles north to south and just 80 miles across.

The Belize barrier reef, one of the seven underwater world wonders, is 184- miles long. Hidden beneath the depth is the magnificent Blue Hole, one of the world’s best dives.

The Inland rainforest and rivers are ideal for trekking, paddling and biking. You can visit the ancient ruins of the Maya.

“In Utila, we met a guy who was looking for sailors to get back to Caye Caulker, Belize.  

We were a crew of 6, on a sailboat called Hipsway ready for adventure.”

We sailed to Belize. The first stop we made, after sailing at night through the Bay of Honduras, was on a thin sandy peninsula called Placencia. Placencia, a former creole fishing village, promotes the delights of the off-shore cayes and the marine life.

“After a few difficult hours, the captain left the wheel to Nico and Dallas. These two captains sailed us half through the Bay of Honduras, in the middle of the night!”

“Swimming through the lagoon, Charly and Corny got escorted to breakfast by two dolphins!”

The decors of Placencia are cute colourful Caribbean houses, white beaches and crystal clear waters. Mango’s can be plucked of a tree! Eagle rays swim under the deck of the local bar, where they grill an amazing steak on the barbecue. The lagoon is surrounded by hundreds of mangroves, originally looking trees, with their roots in the water.

From Placencia, we sailed through three typically Caribbean islands: Lagoon Caye, Tobacco Caye and Goffs Caye.

Lagoon Caye is lobster heaven and there was nothing else, heavenly lost! Tobacco Caye is more developed. It’s a sandy island with light green, orange and yellow houses, hammocks, a nice beach bar. Goffs caye is privately owned, lost in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a fairly beautiful reef, crystal clear turquoise water and the whitest sand I’ve ever seen.

Our sail trip ended in Caye Caulker.

“There seems to be a law in Belize that says that if someone creates or developes a caye, its yours!”

“One man made an island out of conchs, shells. Another couple brought running water, electricity to Pelican Caye and now they own the island! The hard part is bringing the customers.”

Accommodation in the Belize Cayes,, On a boat, electricity and water consumption are brought to a minimum, all aboard is crew. I would suggest a 2 days trip. The boat gets smaller every day!

Paradise Island in Belize, Ingersoll’s hide away caye, privately owened, Dustin and Kim Ingersoll, Pelican Caye, 011 501 629 3754,,

Source: Footprint, Mexico and Central America.


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