Bryce Canyon National Park Utah USA

Bryce canyon was established in 1928 and named after Ebenezer Bryce, a cattleman who settled in the area in 1875. Situated atop the Pauntsaugunt plateau, full with pine trees, the green view end abruptly at the rim of Bryce Canyon, exposing the dramatic 8 000 foot drop-off into a spectacular beautiful, wide and colorful canyon below.

Cut from layers of limestone, a relatively “soft” rock, Bryce eroded and formed the terrain as a result of years of ice and rainwater, creating a series of spindly, pointed rock spires, thin walls, and unusual hoodoo formations that stand alone.

Adding to the interesting shapes is a display of rich color. The naturally pink and white limestone has been further stained by minerals, creating a splash array from light pink and yellows to deep reds and oranges. The light of the day, especially at sunrise and sunset, causes these colors to come alive with glowing richness.

Hoodoo is a pillar of rock usually of fantastic shape, left by erosion. Hoodoo, to cast a spell, a story tells that it casts a spell at everyone who looks at it.  

Watch out! Dehydration, fallhjs, heat strokes are common. Also keep an eye on the weather!

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Website Bryce National Park, Utah, USA:

Source: Kanab local paper, National geografic guide national parks, national park guides


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