Arches National Park, Utah, USA

The park lies on an underground salt bed that is basically responsible for the arches, spires, balanced rocks and eroded monoliths. Water and ice, extreme temperatures and underground salt movements are responsible for the sculptured rock scenery of Arches National Park.  

The scenic drive amid the Arches National Park takes you along various unbelievably shaped rocks. With your creativity at loose, you can observe the tree ladies, petrified dunes, and many more. Every stop has its little hike. Many of the stops have great look outs with the dramatic La Sal Mountains as backdrop.

The windows section of Arches National Park has a great roundtrip hike of 2 miles. Great for pictures!

On the way to the long awaited Rocky Mountains. As the hours go by, we realize the temperature is decreasing. Like every night, we choose a state park on the map, to camp. When we arrive at Vega State Park, we realize it’s a ski area and its freezing!  We drive back down and we get caught in the muddy roads of Grand Mesa National Forest. Its pitch black outside, there is about 20 cm of mud on the road and our tires are slick. We have two options, driving back 100 miles or continue, without knowing if we will pass or get stuck. Our decision will be to continue going forward, “ We never go back”! We got through the mud, thank god!

The next day we woke up in the snow. We put snow tires on the car. Thank God for that, because we got caught in a snowstorm passing over the 10 000ft Vail Pass. Bye bye Rocky Mountains, see you next time.


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