Capitol Reef National Park, Utah, USA

The many layers formed from sediments deposited over hundreds of millions of years in seas, tidal flats, deserts and other ancient environments. Regional mountain- building bent, or flexed, rock layers into a huge water pocket fold. Capitol Ref National Park preserves the fold and its eroded colorful cliffs, massive domes, natural arches and twisting canyons. It is a place humans used for thousands of years, from early indigenous people to Mormon pioneers. It’s a place of dramatic beauty and serenity. Capitol Reef is named for the art of the fold where rounded Navajo sandstone forms capitol like domes and sheer cliffs form a barrier, often called “a reef”. Drive the 16-mile scenic drive and get lost on the endless hiking paths.

Watch out! I would advise you to visit the National parks with a truck. The fall is a good time to visit, nor to hot nor to cold. 

Take the right route. From Bryce Canyon drive along Lake Powell, natural Bridges and the beautiful red scenery of Glen Canyon to reach Arches National Park.


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