Blue Sea Lake Quebec Canada

We finally got to spend a wonderful white Christmas with my family in Quebec, in Blue Sea Lake.

I´ve had the privilege of visiting the crystal clear waters of the lake several times in the summer.

I slept in an ancient boat garage, woke up leveled with the lake and directly slid through the morning damp for a swim. Magnificent!

Quebec has a hot summer, a cold winter, beautiful fall colors and flowery springs. Its a good place to settle if you love the four seasons.

In Quebec various activities can be exercised. A few summer activities are waterskiing, windsurfing, sailing, wild water rafting, canoeing from lake through rivers. Biking and hiking through the wild surroundings of Blue Sea Lake. The Upper Gatineau whitewater festival, takes place in August. A great spirit for whitewater lovers!

Visiting in the winter gave me another fabulous look on this little paradise. We build an ice skating- rink in front of the house, on the lake. Playing ice- hockey while learning to how to ice- skate was tricky, but so much fun! Thank God my cousins thought me how to skate. A few days later the wind made ice passages all over the lake. Those passages gave us the opportunity to skate all around the lake. Skating on the whole lake, gives a feeling of pure freedom! You can skate from the ice fishermen in the middle of the lake to the local church and the many islands, on 15 cm thick ice! The ice is cracking all over the place because; it’s still continuing to freeze! Still, you can´t help wondering if the ice is cracking! The thrill of learning how to ice- skate, a hunch of fear, and a lot of emotion on an open lake, a great combination!

Other winter activities are jogging through the snowy paths, cross country skiing, snow mobiles, dogsledding, and many more.

This little paradise is just 2 hours from Ottawa, Canada’s capital!


Festival d´eau vive:

Website of the town of Blue Sea Lake:

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