Quebec Canada

The province of Quebec lies in east-central Canada. It is the only province in Canada where the official language, at provincial level, is French.
Quebec is Canada`s second most populous province and Canada`s largest province by area.
Quebec, after Ontario is Canada`s second most economically influential province.
Most of the population is concentrated next to the St Lauwrence river, between Montreal and Quebec. The north is populated with many aboriginals.
Something brought to my attention after crossing the USA and Canada is that the contact with North American indigenous peoples is fairly rare. Which is a pitty, because the intercultural exchange between for example Mexicans and Americans; between me and Nico, immigrants and Canadians; or other Canadian provinces with Quebecois`, now a days, is fairly pleasent.
It sadens me to realise how much pain the past must hold. A lot of blood must have been spilled, to produce this kind of repercussions after all these years.
To us, the contact with the few aboriginal people that crossed our path in Canada and the USA was great.
A thought of peace, sunshine and love for the ones still suffering from this today.
The name Quebec, comes from the Algonguin word Kébec, which means `where the river narrows`.
In 1980 and 1995, governments have held referendums of independence for Quebec from Canada. The Canadian House of Commons passed a simbolic motion, in 2006, they recognized the Québecois as a nation within a united Canada.
The weather in Quebec is grand for someone who loves four distinct seasons. Flowery springs, beatifull warm summers, colourful falls and snowy COLD winters!
Minus 30, minus 40, for us, was a first, nevertheless, those days aren`t as unpleasant as we would think, because the sun shines brighter then ever!
Packed in a good warm fluffy jacket, walking through the snow, over the rivers to work, was very pleasant.
When the sunshine is absent, it merely is because its snowing. Which is great because the weekend snowboarding will be so much better!
Living in Quebec city feels so much safer then anywhere else we`ve been. In this city it is still safe to leave your doors open at night!
The city, doesn`t feel like a city, its peacefull, the people are nice and they enjoy life!
Sport is very present in the Quebecois` lifestyle.
Friends living here for a longer time have told me developping a friend cirle isn`t easy. Thanks to my family, we haven`t had the same experience.
What I enjoyed most in Quebec was running along the rivers, right up to Petit Champlain, at the old port, to observe Quebec and its splendid Chateau Frontenac at night, from the other side of the river.
My favorite spot during though or good times.


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