Research Top Dive Sites in the World

Thailand, the Similan Islands

The Similan’s in the Andaman Sea, are a small archipelago of granite islands, eaten away by corrosion, creating an amazing rock formation.
Like every tropical destination, the Similan’s are known for there white coral sand beaches and crystal clear blue waters. But, they are especially famous for having some of the best dive sceneries in the world.
The Similan Islands are only 50 Km from Khao Lak, very easy to access.

A little more to the north, is the national park of Surin. Well- known for Richelieu Rock, where the Whale Sharks come to feed from february to march.

Thailand, discover the underwater world of the Similan Islands in the Andaman Sea with a quick video

Dive cruises, the regular Similan cruise of 6 nights take you to Koh Bon, Koh Tachaï and the famous Richelieu Rock.
It’s possible to extend to 10 days cruise, with Burma Banks. Burma Banks, apparently is a must see, a big reef, where a number of species of sharks and manta rays are settled. The Burma waters of the archipelago of Mergui recently opened to underwater tourism, these waters are practically unexplored. Plus, from the 572 islands, only 36 are “inhabited”. More than 80% of these islands are covered by tropical forest. The local tribes have very little contact with the external world, and couldn’t care less about commercial fishing. We can’t miss that, can we?! It looks like heaven!

Another option, is doing the south cruise, off Phuket. It takes you along Hin Deng and Hin Muang islands, which are less touristic and hold a numerous variety of marine life and colorful underwater gardens.

Useful links:
Accomodation on Similan Islands,

Dicover the amazing views above the water of the Similan’s with a quick video.

If you have time, this is really funny!


2 Comments on “Research Top Dive Sites in the World

  1. Finally , the sun , beach and alot of diving. it must feel great after Canada and the below zero temperatures. Have fun!!!!

    • 🙂 I’m not there yet 😦
      But soon will be 🙂
      I’m doing some research about the best dive spots in the world.
      The library system is very good here.
      So I want to know where to go 🙂
      And I’m sharing it with you.

      Have you seen my sections about Quebec’s music, humor, movies, … like it?

      Big BIG kisses!!

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