Cage diving with great white sharks

Great white shark. Photo by Terry Goss, copyri...

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This post is part of my research for the most amazing dives in the world. This one is not for everyone :). It remains one of the dive sites we would like to visit, in the future.
Diving with great whites is popular in South Africa, Australia and on Guadalupe Island, which is off Mexico in the Pacific ocean. I believe wherever great whites are present, the possibility of cage diving with them exists…

So I found this little map on Wikipedia, that shows us where in the world are white sharks.

It seems that one of the densest known population of great whites lies around Dyer island, off the South- African fishermen town, Gansbaai , which is about 3 hours from Cape town. Hundreds of fur seals reproduce on Dyer island, which irresistibly attracts the white sharks.

During a chase, the white shark that can measure up to 6 metres, sometimes jumps completely out of the water. Which is nicely shown on this short video from Planet Earth


or not?

In South- Africa, only cage diving is authorised. How its done is nicely shown on this video from Guadalupe.

Must sees: Great whites and seal nursery.
interesting websites:
Help or truthful information on sharks,,
A diveshop in South- Africa:
I hope you liked it. I put a lot of energy in this one. Leave a comment!

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4 Comments on “Cage diving with great white sharks

  1. Not much into diving but can truly appreciate and share your passion for the great white.
    Both nayia and i saw all your links and the diver of the family (yianni) was left speechless!!! Thanks!! Good work!!!

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