Thistlegorm, the shipreck that has it all, Egypt

This is part of my research for the best dive sites in the world. The thistlegorm shipwreck is known for having everything a shipwreck has to offer. It`s great for exploring inside and covered with marine life on the outside. It was a British merchant navy ship.  It sunk in 1941 during world war II. The shipwreck lies west of the Sinai peninsula in the northernmost part of the Red Sea.

Despite the large number of divers crawling around the wreck. The marine life is astonishing, about 1000 fish species, 2000 species of invertebrates and more that 180 coral species. Plus the BSA mortorcycles and trucks from the 1940`s,  which still look intact!

This video gives a good image of the thistlegorm shipwreck.

In Egypt my favorite diveshop is easy divers, in El Gouna, they organised the tistlegorm trip when we were there, another great wreck was the Gianni D.

Go to their website for their great special offers!!

Conservation of the marine life, General information on the Red Sea,


3 Comments on “Thistlegorm, the shipreck that has it all, Egypt

  1. Thats a really good picture, I love it how you can see the tires looking like they just came from the factory whilest the mettal on the bikes and trucks are very torn. We met a great murrey claiming the boat having all of us clinging to the walls!

    For briefing map, live weather, reviews, other centers, divers and perhaps if you want to log your dive you can go to its a great resource.

    I can see that you are in the philippines now, whats your favorite dive site there?

      • Keep writing interresting articles, Also If you like DiversHotSpot you can add your own content in there. Most breifing maps are uploaded by our “experts” local instructors, DM’s and dive centers ofcourse!

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