Scuba in Australia

This is part of my research on the best dive sites in the world. Australia has over 35 000 km’s of coast-line. Interesting to know is that Australia only has 20 million inhabitants, which is twice as much as Belgium. But Australia is 326 times bigger than Belgium!

The land down under offers some superb dive spots. In the tropical waters of the Great Barrier Reef, or the temparate dive spots of the south. On the west coast, off Geraldton, both tropical and temperate species can be found.

The Yongala shipwreck, Queensland, Australia

Arguably the best dive in the world. In 1911 the ship steamed into a cyclone, and sank. Full of life, 109m long and about 30m deep. You have a chance to see, mantas,  sea snakes, turtles, big schools of fish, octopuses, bull sharks and tiger sharks. It seems that under the hull you may find a verry big grouper. Along the ship, large rays are burried in the sand. It is forbidden to enter the ship.

Video of Yongala Shipwreck: 

Presentation of the Marine life around the Yongala

The Coral Sea, West Pacific, east of the Great Barrier Reef

Remote ocean diving at its best, beautifull, intact with breathtaking drop offs. 50-60m of visibility and heaps and heaps of sharks. Hammerheads, white and silver tips, giant cods, …

Underwater-film, The Coral Sea

Help protect our coral sea, on

The Great Barrier Reef

Unfortunately after reading various testomonies, I’m under the impression the Great Barrier Reef has suffered a little bit due to its succes. The underwater world seems to be damaged and the dive expeditions seem quite over-priced. I believe it is still Grand, sometimes finding the right dive resort is crucial!

Underwater-film, the Great Barrier Reef

Ningaloo Reef

Whalesharks from mid-march- July. Plus other migratory whales, mantas, … Mantas are year round at Coral Bay.

Underwater-film, Ningaloo Reef

Cage diving with great whites read post

Film Sharkwater Trailer

Sharkwater from Australian Marine on Vimeo.


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  1. Ahh! Now your on my turf!! The land down under is quite unique in many ways!!

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