Already in Egypt, when I got out of the plane to transfer, I felt my so loved tropical breeze. I am a citizen of the world, for sure, but after one loved cold winter in Canada, lets extend, a citizen of the Ecuador, yes indeed ūüôā

I finally arrived in Thailand. Thailand is one of the most accessible exotic destination on earth, thanks to the locals hospitality.

Going to Thailand soon?

What you can’t miss:

  • Have a wonderful nap, in a¬†hammock¬†on a laid back, palm tree bordered beach
  • Get stuck in traffic in Bangkok
  • Wipe your tears after a¬†Thai¬†spicy dish
  • Dive the colorful corals around Phuket and Ko Phi Phi
  • Treat yourself to a Thai massage, relaxation assured!
  • Chang Mai
Good to know
  • Bargain! For clothes, taxi’s, bus tickets, tuk tuk’s, … Everything!
  • Visa: 30 days at airports, 15 days by land, apply for a 60 days visa at consulate or¬†embassy¬†outside of Thailand
  • The King is the longest reigning monarch worldwide, 60 years
  • Thai¬†tattoos¬†were worn by soldiers to protect them from injury
  • Smoking is prohibited in public places
  • Keep your feet on the floor
  • Woman are not allowed to touch/ sit next to a monk, back seats of the bus are for monks
  • Inside the bank they don’t charge you for money¬†withdrawal

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