Koh Phi Phi Thailand Asia

Ko Phi Phi is one of the southern islands in Thailand. After Ko Chang, Phi Phi felt like disney land! Soooo many tourists and what comes with it…

Maya beach, right off Ko Phi Phi is famous, thanks to the film the beach. Nowadays, completely overcrowded by tourist and their 50 boats anchored in the bay, I must say most of the visitors told me it has lost some of its magic. Although after watching this video on youtube, I believe the camping trip is worth it.


Ko Phi Phi is surrounded by a marine park, which provides very good diving. Reef sharks, leopard sharks, schools of fish, and also a great wreck next to Phuket called the King Cruiser, inform about the conditions, because the visibility can be tricky.

No cars on the island arrange for a nice walking atmosphere. Combine with a bucket style night life, where red bull, coke and Samsung, the local Thai whisky/rhum get mixed in a bucket. You don’t really know what your drinking, but its disney lands drink…

Sleep on Ko Phi Phi, very basic but cheap, 250Baht /room/night @ moskito dive school.

Another great dive school is aquanauts.

Eat on Ko Phi Phi, Mamita, amaaaaazing food and good white wine. First right after the reggae bar. A crasy local bar, with no reggae, but worth a look because of the tourists fighting eachother for a free bucket?! Observe this crasy video from youtube.

This is more graceful:

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