Gili Islands Indonesia

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Not fund of reading or no time?
Discover the Gili island above and underwater, in less than five minutes, thanks to these two short videos!

We haven’t been able to make our own video of Gili’s underwater world, but this video of Giovanni Cacchione made me remember how utterly in love I am with this beautiful ocean.

The Gilis are every traveller’s dream come true. Gili Trawangan, the busiest island is known for its  abundant night life. Gili Meno is the smallest and most deserted island, if you want to feel cast away this is the place you ought to say! We were most seduced by Gili Air, which brings an unexplained peace. With a little hidden away paradise, where we can still host music parties on the beach. Space bar, a bar, on the beach where trance music rules!

To get cheap accommodation you need to walk in land, the accomodation on the beach is obviously twice the price.

The best pizza on Gili T is at the italian chef restaurant, Trinacria, in the steet right before the Yoga and free diving centre. Scallywags is great for fish barbecues and steaks with an amazing salad bar and tables on the beach. Recchi (Living room) gives the best quality vs price for western food. This is all situated on Gili T’s main street.

Fast boat to Gili,



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