The Indonesian Rainy Season a Good or a Bad thing?

English: Gili Islands & Gunung Rinjiani, Lombo...

Gili Islands Lombok Indonesia

After being on the road for almost 4 years, I finally decided to give myself a break from dragging all these Big Bags around! I’ve decided to spend a whole year on Gili Air. A tiny magical island where there are no motorized vehicles and no police! The only way to get around is by horse cart, bicycle and off course, by foot.

For my friend Byll, Gili Air is his safe haven! He can’t crash his motorcycle coming home from a party, plus there are no cops! The Head of the Island rules and he doesn’t mind party animals! Byll is never leaving this island! πŸ™‚ Indeed, for some, THIS is Monaco! Bless him! πŸ˜‰

2013-01-03 04.43.15

Dedi and Ari

As for me, what seduced me? I would say, at first, the positive energy and the friendliness of the locals. The energy on this island is EXTRA- ordinary! Some say, its because the island is located exactly as far away from Bali‘s Volcano Tip, as from Lombok‘s Volcano Tip. I don’t know what I believe, but I promise you that as soon as I sat foot on this island, I felt Gooooooood. πŸ™‚ Complete, Relaxed and Peaceful. I found a lot of answers on this island. Where others in the past, have failed in bringing out the flower of my spirituality. Gili Air succeeded! I enjoyed reading this quote on facebook today: We are all spiritual beings on a human adventure. πŸ™‚ I found creativity, once lost. I learned tons. But most of all I met amazing people! A family of feet-stomping dance floors colleagues!

Green Green Green

Green Green Green

I’ve been on the island for almost 7 months now. The rainy season is about to kick in. The weirdest thing is, its my favorite moment since I arrived. I LOVE it! The sky is roaring all day. We can hear the crashing and booming sound of the storms flying over Lombok. At the moment we rarely get rain. Its so funny, because after 6 months of dry season, with not one drop of rain. We are all pumping for rain and violent loud storms! I’m sure we’ll get our fair share in peak rainy season.

For now, the whole island is greener and greener. The island is not too busy. The locals are super relaxed. There is still enough people to enjoy some quality social time. Its fresh, not too hot. The grass is wet in the morning. And its Green Green Green Everywhere. Plus is mango season! So Ya! I love the rainy season! Join us for some awesome quality Island life!


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