Psy- trance party in a Khmer Village amid a Cambodian Mangrove forest, the best or the worst of all festivals?

Thank God in life , we are not all the same, how boring would that be? The perception we have on things, differ from one person to another. In my opinion, Psy- trance party are THE best festivals in the world! They blow my mind! Have you been?

Don’t you love the mysterious and exciting treasure hunt that arises, on your way to a Psychedelic Trance festival? No matter in which country in the world you’re in, if you’re on your way to a Psy- Trance festival, upon reaching the festival location, you feel like you’ve reached the secret hobbit village, in the middle of the forest. They always find the most remote and extra- ordinary, off the beaten track locations. I have to say that for Totally Resurrected II, in my opinion, they have once again wowed me upon arrival.

Koh Kong mangrove forest Cambodia

Koh Kong mangrove forest Cambodia

The meeting point was in a French restaurant, overlooking the Kah Bpow river. After crossing the Thai border, I walked for half an hour and hitched a ride on a motorbike, who drove through this tiny little Cambodian city, where no- one spoke English… Ha Ha Brilliant, finally felt like backpacking again! Then we reached Café Laurent. A surprising French restaurant, with a beautiful terrace on top of the river, which was full of orchids. Don’t you love orchids? They had delicious croissants and Café Latte! Waw, what a contrast! Unbelievable! Yes, off course I did treat myself. I had to wait for a while, for the boat to get full. Gerard, who was in charge of selling tickets and his friend Gary, treated me on some welcoming morning Mojito’s! After being great company for a couple of hours, Gary even offered me his tent, he did warn me a crazy Italian party animal could show up at any minute. Waw! Couldn’t have dreamed better for a festival kick- off! Especially because I arrived totally unprepared, on an improvised visa run, with nothing but a hammock. I love how life can sometimes turn out so well! ♥

The red and green, Cambodian river boat departed on the river.

Captain Cambodia mangrove boat

Captain Cambodia mangrove river boat

The funky looking captain was wearing a big cowboy hat and the deck hand was having a nap in the hammock, on the boat. The captain signed us to move over. He lifted the wooded floor and manually turned the handle rapidly to start the motor. A loud GRaAwl came out of the boat’s stomach and off we went! Judging by the age and rusty color of the engine, we all wondered how he was gonna man-oeuvre that boat out of there. After cruising for 30minutes, we entered a dense mangrove forest. The only way to navigate through it, was through narrow paths. Another hazard, was the changing tides. Luckily, when we cruised in, it was high tide…
Our first attempt to reach land failed. The captain had to perform a U- turn. Its funny how relative, the perception of performing a U- turn can be. For example, compare doing a U- turn between two spotless Ferrari’s in Saint- Tropez… On the other hand, the perception of performing a U-turn in the Cambodian mangroves, in the eyes of a Cambodian captain is different… It involves a lot of bumping. Ha Ha

SaraThe captain was very successful, we did take some of the mangroves with us though, inevitably ;). Upon reaching the “main mangrove path”, he had to make a sharp left turn. Now that was something else, he had to reverse at least three times before we could engage. After which he engaged Full- Power forward, to the next entry option to reach the festival location. Suddenly another boat zoomed out from behind the corner, BANG! No way to escape or avoid it, both boats crashed into each other. One head straight into the mangroves, the tiny propeller zoomed out of the water, zzzzzzzzz! Just before the captain could take back control over his boat and move forward. They both acted as though nothing happened… Must be the usual for mangrove forests captains. 😉 Hi Hi
I can still see the extremely wide open eyes of the other boats passenger. An expression of extreme fright and surprise. Nevertheless, like we say in Indonesia, Tidak Apa Apa, no problem, life continues. Luckily its not Saint- Topez. 🙂
Upon reaching the second entry possibility, we could hear the music calling us. I had no patience to wait for a small boat to pick us up. I jumped in and walked barefoot, through the mangroves’ muddy floors, with my bags on my head. Crunching my teeth for the awaited sighting of the mangroves’ Anaconda! 😉 Ha Ha… No luck I’m afraid.

Totally Resurrected 2

Totally Resurrected 2

The festival held a couple of Funky colorful looking people.
These Psy- trance crowds love to dress up.
Me as first, off course. Its so much fun. The crazier, the better. Freedom in everything for everyone!
Many many Colors, fluorescent, sketchy looking sun- glasses, accessories, toys, …
Every style is welcome. Sexy, crunchy, masculine, feminine, cute, colorful, jungle, wild, you name it!
These unique creative people you meet on the dance floor. The pictures speak for themselves. Or better yet, go to a party and experience it live!

Love happiness and laughter is often prevalent.
By day: Friendliness, family feeling, kindness, exchange of knowledge and skills, creativity at loose.
By night: Destruction for reconstruction. Get rid of all your frustrations in life.
By dancing from sunset till sunrise to Loud powerful Full- On Psy- Trance.
Wake up in the morning with no more emotional baggage. Be Free! Ready for a new beginning.

During this festival, the lign- up was a total surprise and it was surprisingly enjoyable. The highlights of the lign- up for me were the ping- pong morning shows. Where two Dj’s play together, alternately. I especially enjoyed Dj Kickx and Andriano Nstomp, Spirit Moon and Co.

Extremely nice festival! Thank you so much!

More Information:
When: 8 Jan. 2013- 15 Jan. 2013
Where: Koh Kong, Cambodia. 20min From Trat, Thai border
Entrance Fee: 100$
Negative aspect: Organization, under staffed. Unfortunately generated some negative energy. The Devil comes in the details.



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