An Underwater Rose for You…

Have you ever received an underwater rose?
Do you have any idea what the underwater rose is?

Usually I don’t get too worked up for Valentine’s day. I’m not the contrary either, saying Valentine’s day is the bull- shit commercial lovy- love day, is a bit extreme. I guess I find myself somewhere in between and definitely believe that any day is a good day to celebrate and express your Love to one another.

What do you think of Valentine’s day?

This year, I have to admit, this day has brought me nothing but good surprises. Somehow I’m bending towards enjoying this day fully and filling it with Love. Lets even try to add Laughter, Excitement and Happiness to the mix.

It all started with receiving an underwater rose. A red one. I love Red Roses. I just haven’t received any in such a long time… I’m sure some of you are in the same position, so I’m sharing it with you. Happy Valentine’s day! Sending you lots of Love, Laughter and Happiness with this underwater red rose from the Gili Islands in Indonesia.

What did you get for Valentine’s day?

Does anyone know what the underwater rose is?
I didn’t at first, until I was told it were Nudibranchs eggs. Waw! Bagus (Indo for Awesome)

Nudibranchs are a bit like the slugs of the underwater world, but they are a hundred times more beautiful. They have extraordinary colors and come in all shapes and forms. With over more then 3000 species, they shed their shell after their larval stage. That’s why they are called nudibranch (pronounced nooda-brank),  from the Latin/ Greek nudis branckhia, which means the Naked Gills. I personally am absolutely in love with them, not to forget these underwater butterflies are the camera’s best friend.
A funky fact is that Nudibranchs are hermaphroditic, which means they have a set of reproductive organs for both sexes. However they can’t fertilize themselves.

They are carnivorous. They feed on sponges, hydroids, barnacles, anemones, some even eat other sea slugs or their own eggs. They have been on some occasions seen acting like cannibals, eating their own species.

Nudibranchs are often differentiated as dorid or aeolid. Dorids can be recognized by the branchial plume, where they breathe from, projected from around their anus. Aeolids possess many cerata on their back, which are used  for defense and for respiration. As you can see on these two pictures.

Nudi laying eggs

Dorsid laying eggs


Aeolid Nudi

Dorids lay their eggs in flat ribbons attached to rocks or other objects. Like the underwater red rose. Most nudibranch eggs are white. They are saying the eggs color changes as the embryo develops. Each capsule contains 15- 20 eggs and requires 2 weeks to hatch. Once they hatch, they’ve discovered the juvenile begins to live as a “naked mollusk”, it spends several weeks feeding in the plankton before metamorphosing.

Close up of Nudi’s Eggs

Nudi’s eggs

To end this post I looked up why we celebrate Valentine’s day. Do you know?
Apparently its a bit of a mystery…
My favorite story is that a Christian Saint, named Valentine, was still secretly marrying soldiers. Which had been forbidden by the Emperor, because single men made better soldiers than the ones with wives and children. Saint Valentine was thrown in jail for it, where he fell in love with the daughter of his jailer. He left her a letter before getting executed. He signed it: from your Valentine… An expression that’s still used today.

But in the end, what is Valentine’s day?
Celebrating love.
Now who’s against that?
No one should, really, lets celebrate love every day of the week and especially today, together. I mean, seriously Kenapa Tidak! (Indo for Why not!) 🙂


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