Can someone please explain to me why some people pay 1.7million$ for endangered Blue Fin Tuna?

Tuna is a multi- billion dollar global industry! It feeds million of people, it supports livelihoods and sustains economies in many marine areas.

We are located in the Coral triangle, which is one of the most important places in the world for tuna,  tuna reproduces and migrates through the coral triangle. Commercially important species such as yellowfin, skipjack and bigeye tuna all come from this region.
WWF calls tuna the Ferrari of the ocean, true, they are powerful, sleek and made for speed, the atlantic bluefin tuna can swim up to 40 mph.
World Tuna Day was yesterday!

Lets celebrate the wonders and importance of this fish.

Do you like Tuna?

Tuna sashimi, Tuna steak, Tuna baguette,…  Watery mouth? Yeah, me too… 🙂 Nevertheless we all know that some species, like the Southern bluefin tuna have been reduced seriously, close to the point of extinction. Why? Over-fishing, stocking of some tuna species,…

I used to feel super guilty to eat tuna… Hi Hi Now I’m informed and know that not all tuna species are seriously endangered… Click on this image to see which tuna species are endangered and which are least concerned.

Tuna endangered listWant to recognize them on the sea food platters of Gili Air Island, Indonesia? Here is a quick check up. 🙂


Not all people feel a crack in their conscience, concerning the end of the blue fin tuna line… Kiyoshi Kimura, president of a popular sushi chain, bought this 222 kilograms marvelous blue fin tuna for 1.7 million$. ass compHe also shares in the article that he is planning to sell the fish at a huge loss. He hopes to cheer up Japan with this fish… Right…

The president claims he wants to meet the expectations of his customers, who want again to eat the best tuna this year … Last year, he also bought the most expensive endangered blue fin tuna for $616,000.

I think the major problem of all endangered species lies with the consumers. I visited this unbelievable fish market called Tanjung Luar, in Lombok Indonesia. One of Indonesia’s major fishing market. Indonesia being one of the biggest shark fin exporters, I was expecting to see some sharks, murdered… 😦 My expectations were right, they brough in several dead sharks and rays. At first I gave the fishermen a strong repulsive glaze. Then after looking around for a while, I started thinking… I realized how tough it must have been for these tiny fishermen to get these massive sharks aboard their tiny boats and kill them… I started chatting with them and they told us they go in the open ocean, towards Australia, for several days. It looked really tough. Unreal really…

Imagine being on a tiny wooden fishermen boat, in the open ocean, storms and all included, fishing out a 3m long pissed- off shark, which off course you have to kill to bring back. Why? For the chinese delicacy, shark fin soup. Where shark fin is added purely for texture because it has no taste. This “delicacy” resulted in killing 5000 sharks per hour this year and 10,000 sharks per hour last year…

These fishermen didn’t look like the people exterminating entire species. Actually they are not, we are, the consumers, the capitalist infected over consumers… Because its truly simple, if there is No market… there is No massacre…

There appears to be even worse…

Despite the fact that WWF’s forecasts about breeding stocks of the fish that migrate from the Atlantic will be wiped out in the Mediterranean by 2012. The car giant Mitsubishi is buying up to 40% of the European blue fin tuna and shipping it to Japan. They made a film about it… End of the Line. They are seriously accelerating the blue fin’s risk at extinction. They say, because blue fin tuna can only be caught on certain times of the year, they have to freeze up stocks to provide customers a stable supply… AAAAAAH!!! freeze up the blue fin tuna, so in a few years, they can  sell this frozen tuna at an extremely high price, yeah probably...

Have you guys heard of this?

Because of over fishing  fish stocks are in retreat. Studies suggest that by 2048, all oceans will be stripped clean of all fish. Blue fin tuna are in critical condition and scientists believe that 60,000 ton is fished out a year instead of the recommended 22,000, thats almost 3 times more… This has to STOP!

You name it, we are all fans of this amazing, tasty, tender and strongly endangered fish, but come on! We say NO to this!

If you can not, watch End of the Line with us, tomorrow night at Oceans 5 Gili Air‘s movie night.

End of the Line is a film based on Charles Clover’s studying on catches and sales, the environmental journalist. Charles Clover hopes his film will galvanize the public about over-fishing in the same way Al Gore‘s An Inconvenient Truth mobilized opinion against climate change.

End of the Line Trailer:


Movie End of the Line:

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