Space Bar Gili Air… Save our Psychedelic Paradise…

Sunset Gili Air on Mt. Agung

Sunset Gili Air on Mt. Agung Bali

I’ ve been living on Gili Air island for a year now, its in Lombok Indonesia. I run around the island in 30min, which can give you an idea of the size of the island, sometimes I paddle board out at sea and look back at this tiny little island and wonder how I manage to live on such a small island… The reason used to be: Space Bar… Space Bar is a beach bar with a psychedelic atmosphere. This bar brings tribes from all over the planet to Lombok Indonesia. In my opinion, Space Bar is the heart of Gili Air, this place has a soul. It brings quality people together, it generates creativity and radiant positive energy. Here, we share something real for a change.

Aren’t you sick of pretending?

In Space Bar authenticity of personality rules, freedom is prevalent and dancing can be done at every sunset.
To summarize… This kind of bar, in such an idyllic location is not found on every street corner… and its about to get shut down! The roof is confiscated, but the family is still alive. We need to keep this going. Before its too late and even the family moves on…


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The Story

10 years ago two undercover Swiss travelers arrived in Gili Air. The magical psychedelic island seduced them immediately. The locals were extremely laid back and lived in harmony with nature. There was no traffic, no police, no hassle, and magic mushrooms… At that time, tourism on the island was down. Tired of Thailand and Goa’s commercial Full moon parties, they decided to start free Psy- trance parties on the beach. The main objective was to enjoy Gili Air’s magical spirit and help the locals. Gili Air’s “Beach Beats” were born, a combination of traditional locals and open minded Psy-trance travelers sharing the decks and the dance floor. This successful fusion between islanders and travelers has reached global recognition and continues growing to this day.

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Today some of the locals have become Space bar’s resident DJ’s and we still share the same dance floor and decks. Dj Abstract “Purple Hexagon Records”, a local Indonesian djs, has played his first international set in Home Club Singapore this March. Spacebar was evolving, from a secret location to a well- known international party location, which attracted international DJ’s like Ital or Klopfgeister and off course party crowds from all over the world. Parties were organized monthly.


Space Bar Family

Fluorescent decorations, laser shows, fire spinning and circus workshops were all part of the every day’s Space bar experience. This little hidden paradise had an extremely relaxed atmosphere and enough action to keep the party crowds happy. The locals on Gili Air are extremely friendly. Many of the local Gili islanders prefer living on Gili Air, which results in a permanent population around 1500 people. This tiny little paradise is one of the rare places on earth where you can still develop a true relationship with the locals. You can create your own island family.

The two best parties of the year were New Year’s and Burning Island (16 April). Burning Islands first edition was a raging success. A full gallon of petrol was burned, many feet stomping colleagues turned up and the fire spinners’ circle never ceased to spit fire. Thanks to the juggling convention in Gili Nanggu (12-15 April), many fire spinners from the convention joined the Space bar family, for the second edition of Burning Island 2. From Dusk till Dawn, the beach of Space Bar was lit up by fire spinning magic. A family of feet stomping colleagues was cheering them on, all night…

Watch this video and get seduced by Gili Air’s Magic

Unfortunately mainly due to some rich islander, Space Bar is going to get torn down and replaced by his own private beach villa… He’s going to destroy the Heart of Gili air… The worst part of it all is, we thought he was part of the Space Bar Family… Space Bar needs help! I was thinking on opening a PayPal account for Papa Space Bar, Ham, alias DJ Abstract. To show him our support, to bounce back from this set back and create a new Psychedelic Paradise in Gili Air or elsewhere… They might have destroyed our roof, but the Family will survive and keep growing ❤ I intend to highjack another sunset bar and bring our magic, pay it forward…


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For many years Indonesia’s psychedelic action has been concentrated in Bali. The Bali family has been organizing psytrance festivals in idyllic locations, for over 17 years. Aware Dance Festival took place just above Mt. Batur’s lake, inside Bali’s volcano crater. Sitaram’s festival ground was surrounded by several waterfalls. Transporter Festival was aboard an Indonesian pirates sail boat.These creative Indonesian festival location will remain secret this year. Nevertheless out of Bali’s trance scene emerged an original and creative group of psychedelic followers, who are now gathered around Gili air. Slowly rising from the ashes is a new psychedelic family.  In Lombok,the organization of psytrance parties are upcoming. The parties are small and keep the original vibe alive… Stay tuned…

Join us in paradise! The Space Bar Family is waiting for you!


16 Comments on “Space Bar Gili Air… Save our Psychedelic Paradise…

  1. We are here now and heard from nearby bar called “Legend” that is is closed 😦 will try walking over after dinner to see of it’s really true. Friends back home in Singapore were recommending that place too.. Fingers crossed!

  2. Great article! I’m currently in Seminyak, Bali and planned on coming to your island. I was really looking forward to the Black Moon parties at Space Bar. Do you know when the next one will happen or if there’s a beach party every night?

    Terimah kasih,


  3. Hello Spacebar Family 🙂 !!!

    Currently in Kuta Lombok, gonna ride my bike up to Gili Air for the full moon tonight, hopefully it is really tonight, hopefully u r still open and hopefully it’s gonna be fat 🙂 !!!

    Cheeersss n cyaaaa soon

  4. The party lives on, april 12th!! Burning island. Paradiso through a pretty epic psy party too 🙂

  5. Hey I’m travelling Indonesia from the 27-8-2016 until the 13-9-2016 and was thinking of coming to gilli air island Lombok. Are there any parties happing in that period? Cheers.Heath

  6. Hello, are there any partys on 28th or 29th of September? And where is it located now?

    Best Regards

  7. Hi

    is there any black moon/psydelic parties around 11th-17th october on gili air?


  8. is there any psychedelic/black moon parties 11th-17th october on gili air? and does anyone know if there is a full moon party on gili T around the same time

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