Discover my Wildest Indonesian Adventure…

Which site in Indonesia is part of the New7Wonders of Nature from across the world and has earned the title of UNESCO World heritage?

English: Komodo dragon at Komodo National Park...

Komodo Dragon

Ever heard of Komodo National park or its famous protected predators, the Komodo Dragons? Ring a bell? The National Park is located in Indonesia, half way between Bali and Papua. It is the home of the world’s biggest lizard, the Komodo dragon. For the one’s who have no idea what I’m talking about, you can catch a glimpse of what the dragons look like on the left picture. What do you think? A dragon? A lizard? A bit of both, isn’t it?

The Komodo dragons can grow as big as 3m, the islands have about a population of 6 000 of them. These dragons exist nowhere else in the World. What amazes me the most is their ability to go as far as having a Buffalo for lunch… Now that’s a predator! The Komodo Dragon approaches the Buffalo carefully. His goal is to bite the buffalo, Komodo Dragons possess a special kind of bacteria, that will act like poison. After a few patient weeks of following the buffalo around, with the smell of blood temting and announcing a soon to be delicious meal, the Komodo Dragons gather around the animal and patiently await the feast. Eventually the animal collapses and the feast begins. One buffalo can feed upto 7 or 8 Komodo Dragons.  Watch this video from BBC Life and observe their tactics to attack and eat something at least 20 times their size…

After living in Gili Air for almost a year; a tiny magical island next to Bali; I’ve seen many tourist come back from Komodo National Park, mostly with eyes filled of indescribable amazement… A combination of strong various feelings: passion, fear, relief, freedom, remoteness,… I’ve always promised myself to go to Komodo National Park… One of the reasons why I came back to Indonesia and eventually fell in Love with Indonesia and decided to stay is Komodo. It simply is indescribably wild, remote and beautiful… Three feelings I’ve always appreciated while travelling… Nevertheless I  have seen the ocasional group come back from Flores, filled with despair and annoyance. They were so fed up with the Indo cheap- on- the- road- travelling… The biggest set back was the hassle combined with this type of travelling… In Indo if you choose the cheapest… You get value for money… Which for some people, has ruined the experience I personally adored!

Komodo Live AboardThe cheapest option are the snorkel boats. Where you basically flip a coin. You can be lucky and when the boat is not to full and the sea is not too rough, the trip goes pretty well. When the sea is rough and the boat is fully booked, you end up as a sardine on the deck, there’s not enough food for all of the passengers, so you’re hungry the whole way  and when the sea is rough, the toilet tends to spray back up after you’ve made your delivery… Not the dream journey… Definitely an adventure you won’t forget… A story you will tell… But… not so much a happy souvenir… Hi Hi

After evaluating several options to visit Komodo, I’ve eventually decided to treat myself to a Live Aboard trip, with Scuba diving aboard. It was absolutely amazing!

We boarded an Indonesian Phinisi Ship in Gili Air Indonesia, and for 8 days, we felt like Pirates sailing Indonesia’s Best Secret Islands. Komodo Live aboard

Komodo National park consists of 3 main islands: Komodo, Rinca and Padar. The park is also sprinkled with several smaller islands. In 1980, the National Park was founded to protect the Komodo Dragon. Today its also dedicated to protecting other species, like marine animals. If like me, you like maps, click on this link to locate Komodo National Park on a map…

The true wonders of Komodo National Park today, lie underwater… Komodo is most known for its World Class Scuba Diving. I don’t know how I can describe the magic of this place, maybe simply by saying it was  after 4 year of travelling, most certainly the best trip of my life!

This short video I made will give you a good idea of the experience:

We started our journey in Gili Air. Gili Air is part of the famous Gili Islands, three idyllic tropical islands that lay between Bali and Lombok. There are no motorized vehicles on the these islands, which generates an extremely laid back atmosphere. Especially the local taxi’s have a touch of extreme originality, they’re called Cidomo’s, which stands for Indonesian horse cart. Add to your travel bucket list: Hitch a Cidomo Ride in one of Gili’s taxi’s- Lombok- Indonesia!
In Gili we climbed aboard a typical Indonesian Phinisi Sail Boat. Now, what that? Ha Ha. These typical wooden Indo boats are build in South Sulawesi. They are massive, build entirely in Indonesian robust wood, their captains live aboard and You truly feel like being on a Pirate Ship! Captain Jack Sparrow or Davi Jones? Whats your choice? 🙂
Lets climb aboooooooard! 🙂

The crew pulled up the anker, hissed up the sails, the captain made the engine grrawl
and off we went. When you set sail off to sea, you’re on a boat, you realize this is going to be your home for the next week… The feeling is undescribable, as soon as we sat foot on this boat we had our body filled with freedom and excitement… The hunger for adventure, on the Pirates Ship, about to sail though Indonesia’s prestene islands. Where you can’t really get, except by boat… Yes, indeed, Wild Indonesia!
In my opinion, being on a boat, is the definition of Pure Raw Freedom, because lets face it… You can go anywhere! ❤

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