How to plan a trip to Australia in less then 2 weeks when you’re on a working permit in Indonesia.

In less then 2 weeks time I had to re- orient my life. A job I took didn’t work out and I was given 14 days to leave Gili Air. Gili Air has been my Home away from Home for the past year and a half, a tiny little island that lies between Lombok and Bali, in Indonesia.
Luckily 6 months ago I’d already applied for an Australian Working Holiday Visa, a visa that alows some travellers to work and travel in Australia for 12 months. Click on this link for more info on how to apply for an Australian Working Holiday Visa. This type of visa is also available in Canada and New Zealand.

Indonesia Kitas Working PermitStep 1: How to cancel a Kitas, an Indonesian working permit valid for one year.

I contacted my sponsor in Lombok, Indonesia. He took my passport and 500,000 IDR and the next day I had my passport back with an Exit Permit and my Kitas was canceled. I don’t know if you guys are aware of the fact that when you are on a working permit in Indonesia, you have to ask for permission to leave the country and off course this permission comes with a fee. Great sponsors for any visa information in Lombok are Taufik Indo Tel.: +62 (0) 818 363529 or Lily Tel: +62(0) 817 5757799 e-mail:

Change money in Kuta BaliStep 2: Where to change your Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) before leaving Indonesia?

Wherever you go after leaving Indonesia, remember to  change your IDR in Indonesia. Once out, the IDR looses a lot of its value and sometimes can’t even get changed… I know a good exchange bureau in Kuta, that gives honest exchange rates and can change small or big amounts on short notice. Did it for SGP$, € and now AUS$. Kuta being Australia’s number one holiday destination, AUS$ was not a problem., they had banak (shitloads) of AUS$.
PT. bali Hastie Indomalaya authorized monay changer, poppies lane II, Jl. Benesari Legian Kuta, Bali 80361, Indonesia. Tel: (0361) 2166633, 8577733. manager Anwar: mob.: 081 337 440 310. Be aware that Kuta also is the city where the most people get robbed when changing money. Ever went to change money and just took the cash and put it in your pocket after seeing the clerk count the money? What you don’t see is, while you open your wallet, the clerk robes a small amount of the cash and robs you of one million IDR (100US$). It happened to me and my friend Nathalie, we went back, created a scandal and threatened to call the police. In the end we got our money back and at a generous exchange rate but way to much hassle for a nice holiday… Careful careful, Eyes everywhere at All times!

Step 3: How to get from Bali to Australia?

By plane off course 🙂
Low cost Flight companies that are operating flights between Bali and Australia are: Bali- Kuala Lumpur + Kuala Lumpur- Australia Bali- Many Many destinations in Oz. Bali- Many Many destinations in Oz.
When I reached the airport, the Virgin Australia counter had a massive line, I flew AirAsia, but it looked as if VirginAustralia must have been less expensive… Look into it.
I flew to Gold Coast airport (OOL). This was the cheapest way to fly on such short notice… Still paid 400€ for my flight, but I’m confident I’ll win this money back quickly in Oz. ❤ Cross fingers.

cheap accomodationStep 4: Where to sleep in Australia, as cheap as possible.

I sent several request on, a wonderful websites that connects travellers worldwide. The idea is simple and brilliant. As a traveller, you can either offer your couch to a traveller or sleep on a travellers’ couch. Having coffee together is also an option to get to know each other and show people around. A great way to be in the travelling vibe all year… Click on this link to sign up:, add me: Julie Thonnard.
Unfortunately on such short notice, all the couches were already taken. Sleeping in a hammock with over 1000€ Scuba Equipment, didn’t seem like such a good idea… Especially because in my 4 years of travelling, I always got robbed in the “Safe Countries”. Traveled South- America, Central- America, North- America and Asia. Guess where I got robbed?

Wellington, North- Carolina, USA on Halloween and Thailand… So… Hati Hati (Careful Carefull) 
Ya… So… After second thought I decided to look up some youth hostels. I found a few on- line though: or

My pick was YHA Coolangatta, because the Youth hostel is a 400m walk from the Gold coast airport (OOL) and my plane is landing at 21h25.

Adress: YHA Coolangatta, 230 Coolangatta Road, Bilinga, YHA Tel.: (07) 5536 7644.

Follow the traffic out of the airport, at the round about turn left, about 400m further you’ll see a white building that says YHA. I guess the Coolangatta Greyhound bustop is there too. Handy! The only set back is the bus from Coolangatta to Airlie beach is 398AUS$, right…

Step 5: Where to work in Australia in July?

My first pick was the Whitsunday’s, the southern part of the Great Barrier Reef. Why? Very simple: HUMPBACK WHALES SEASON! YiiiiiihaaaAAAAA! Have you ever seen whales on scuba? Me neither so… Definitely something thats on my bucket list! My friend used to work as a Scuba Instructor for Wings Diving Adventures. To summarise, he managed to save 15,000 AUS$ in a year, but did 800 DSD’s… Hard Hard Hard work in strenuous conditions, lots of current, sharks, … Another small set back that comes with the whales… 21degree Celsius water temperature. Brrrrrrrr!
Anyway cross fingers, other wise high season has started in Cairns so I can always fall back on Cairns if Whitsunday’s don’t work out. I have a good feeling… Belieeeeeeeeve 🙂
For Scuba Jobs, also look on: employment
Facebook Page: Dive Jobs Worldwide

Hitck- hiking from Brisbane to Airlie beachStep 6: How to get to the Whitsundays from Gold Coast Airport.

I thought, easy 1200km, thats like the South of France from Brussels.
3 options: flying, bussing/ train or hitch- hiking
1. Flight with VirginAustralia to Hamilton Island was 99$
2. Bargain bus- ride for 398$ with the Greyhound!
3. or carpooling websites in Australia: Hitch- hiking it is!!
(picture hanging behind a truck)

Many travellers buy a van in Australia and road trip around the country. One of my students once told me that Darwin in June was the best place to buy cheap vans. Because its the cheapest airport to fly out from, she said, so all the vans end up there in June, because the majority of the people that take on a Working Holiday Visa start in July/ August and so end in June… Please lovely readers, do share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

Step 5: What to pack to go work in Australia as a Scuba Instructor…

Lets face it, who loves to travel but absolutely hates “The Travel”, especially with Scuba Equipment. I mean what a night- mare: hitch- hiking with Scuba Equipment. Easy, with water thats 21degrees, my whole bag is actually scuba equipment :). Here is a picture of the clothes I brought and a magic trick to turn this, into this…

Backpackers packingIMG_4289

These vacuum bags are a backpacking scuba divers’ dream! 🙂 There you go, now keep following to hear how it actually turns out in reality… 🙂
Don’t you love how travelling plans get completely turned inside out! Maybe I finish on a boat and boat hitch- hike up!
Ha Ha!
I sure hope so ❤

Love, sunshine & Happiness ❤ ❤ ❤



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