How I got from Gold Coast Airport Australia to Airlie beach spending less then 10$ on transport.

Four years ago, when I started the “Big Travel” in Rio de Janeiro: I’d read the whole Brazilian Lonely Planet and had already found a friends’ apartment to rent 6 months later, in the North of Bahia, for when we had to find work… Bla Bla Bla. In the end I spend 2 weeks in Brazil, crossed South- and Central America and ended up working in Mexiiiiico!

So yeah, this time… Sama Sama… “Travel Planning“, actually is just a back- up…

From Gold Coast Airport to Airlie Beach is over 1200 K’s. The Greyhound bus takes you up for the bargain price of 398AUS$! Right… I’m not going to spend 398AUS$ just on transportation?! What are the other options? 🙂 Spiced up with a bit of Adventure! Dad, this one is one to make your heart jump upside down ❤ I Love You! 😉 This is obviously a road story, describing the Australian characters I met along the way…

Hitch a ride in australiaI jumped out of the plane fresh as a bird and put my thumb up at 7AM outside Gold Coast Airport… It took less then 10 min for Stevie, a personal driver that had just dropped off his client, to pull over in a black window tinted dark green BMW… Right… Not really reassuring, I admit… :S I peaked my nose through the window to give the driver a quick Instinct Analysis… Stevie’s smile was kind and curious for adventure stories… Confident I threw my two heavy back- packs, filled with dive equipment in the trunk and jumped in the front seat.
Stevie backpacked around the world for years and eventually ended up managing several youth hostels, that he was mainly filling up with Wild Rugby Fans, apparently over 25 000 fans follow the team around. Ha made quiet a good amount of money doing what he loved… Stevie’s last projects was hilarious! He’s renovating an amazing three floor, Old Chinese restaurant and transforming it into a giant travellers’ squat. Four people were already living there with him. He invited me over for tea and even offered me to spend the night. The place was filled with light and made me think of a “Glass Cube”, surrounded by green gardens and a pool! He daily offers some food to the homeless. The temptation to stay was, I have to admit tempting… Still… I had a goal, get a job ASAP and dive with Humpback Whales… I politely declined and he gave the homeless, “me”, a delicious sausage sandwich! Ha Ha After which I hit the road…
About half an hour later, after standing on the side of the road in the rain, seeing Maria and Stevie wave at me to come back… Andrew picked me up and 5 cars later a Lovely Mommy into Roller Dirby, gave me the brilliant idea to hitch at truckers, they all do the “Brisbane – Cairns” route and are dying for some company…

A new one for the Travel Bucket List: “Go to a Roller Dirby show!”

Ever saw Whip it?! Click to Watch the trailor

Truck Hitch-hiking AustraliaI started waving my sign at all the trucks. Fairly quickly, Peter, a lovely trucker picked me up, and was heading to Cairns. Jackpot! No more dragging around these 2 massive bags from car to car… ❤

I can check that off my Travel Bucket List:

“Hitch a ride with an Australian trucker for over 1000 K’s!”

In the truck

Thank God I have experience in rock climbing 😉 After pushing my bags up, I climbed up the truck’s three big metal steps, grabbing the handles on each side, before collapsing in the passengers’ seat. We drove on for hours, exchanging life stories, Mother of Jesus these trucks can hold over a 1000L of petrol! Which allows them to drive around 4000K’s, Check out these containers!Truck Hitch-hiking Australia After a few K’s, I finally fell asleep in the front seat. I can still hear the squeaking sound of whatever was moving up and down on the truck. The old tobacco smell and sound of old papers under feet… ♪ ♫ ♬ Willy nelson was playing… “On the road again, I just can’t wait to get, on the road again” ♪ ♫ ♬ … Made me remember our road trip in the US… Over and out, asleep I fell…
The first part of the road was really green and rainy. Did you know it can get really cold in Australia? I had no idea… Australia to me… The land down under… Crocodile Dundee… The Great Barrier Reef… Sunny Sunshine, Not? Well no… Actually not everywhere 😉 So I’ve decided to hitch North, to the Sun, because I brought no jacket and have no intention on buying one.
Truck Hitch-hiking AustraliaThe more North we drove, the dryer it got… Kangaroos or Wallaby’s everywhere… Lots of dead ones also, on the road… Giant Australian tucks everywhere… Honestly… Not a screamer that road, a few nice views of sugar cane fields, forests, fields, cows,… But I don’t intend to do the road again. Next time… For sure… By SEA!!

I had my first hot shower in months in Childers Trucker Station, which made Peter crack out laughing, he had never seen any other hitch- hiker so excited after the “HOT” trucker shower… I explained I’d been living on an island, in Indonesia, without hot water, for the past year and a half… After eating a giant trucker burger with fries, we smoked cigarettes on the pick- nick table just outside the fuel station exchanging trucker stories, complains about the boss, parts falling off the trucks, getting lost in the Bush (middle of nowhere stories)… Truck Hitch-hiking AustraliaYes I definitely was in the trucker’s world… I especially figured it out, when I took one of the truckers IPhone to show them where Gili was and the previous search’s was: Fucking the Babysitter … Right… Thank God my trucker couldn’t stop talking about his daughter, that was my age… He did at some point, throw a sneaky invite at me, which I politely declined and road friends we became… Can’t really blame them…

The last 30 K’s I spend with Scott, and his three Wild Pig hunting dogs! His family owns sugar cane fields. The wild boar like to destroy the fields, which is where Scott comes in with his dogs, they track down and shoot the Wild Pigs… I’m gonna join him on one of these mad trips. Stay tuned for more Wild Australian Adventures…

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  1. amai… da’s nogal eens een life beginning Australian travel boogie-woogie trip… oef ! End in water.. natuurlijk ! mama :o)

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