Carnival in Lucerne Switzerland

Don’t Feel Like Reading?
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Carnival LucerneCarnival is for many Lucerners the best time of the year. Absolutely EVERYBODY is dressed up in a Fancy Dress! Common scenarios are A Defile of Pink and Purple Bunnies, that are exchanging thoughts about Politics with  Super Mario and Luigi, who have been making out with two Kincky- cops and are now surrounded by Seven Yellow Bananas. All the while a wall of Trumpeting Carnival Musicians (Guggenmusigen) are animating the Giant Dinausaurs’ Parade, that is being pushed forward by a Giant Headed King. Ha Ha!

The Chapel Bridge LucerneThe Carnival’s location is Central and perfect to visit a lot of Lucerne’s sightseeings, all the while having a good party with the Swiss. Kappelbrücke, The Chapel Bridge, is a footbridge covered in wood, that crosses the Reuss River diagonally.



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