Loose 3 kilos in 5 days and raise a total new level of awareness

juicing in gili

Goal: detox & loose a little extra kilos
Result: raise a total new level of awareness.

Just gained 7 kilos this year with our delicious european food, wine, cheese and everything with sauce off course. 😜 Afraid I won’t fit into my Indonesian clothes. 💃💃Are you also coping with some extra weight before going on holidays? Then this article is for you.


What u need?

Julie’s juicing shopping list:

Tomatoes, appels (a lot), fennel, salmon filet (for when you can’t anymore 😜, broccoli, cucumber, carrots (a lot), portobello mushroom, fresh lettuce, fresh spinach, cress, radish, rucola, bananas, lemons (a lot), celery, ginger, fresh mint, fresh basil, fresh coriander, fresh parsley, honey, herbal tea and strawberries.

Day 1:

Start of with warm water, lemon and ginger; to cleanse the digestive system and give a good boost of energy. Every morning. Slice a piece of ginger, add the juice of half a lemon and let it sit in warm water for a few minutes, drink, ideally wait 30 minutes before eating/ drinking anything else.

The ideal moment for a morning meditation.
Guided meditation: Blue Moon Meditation


I just decided to start juicing, haven’t been to the store yet. I personally inspire myself with whats written online, but don’t live by it. This morning I felt really hungry, so before going to the store famished and basically buying everything in the store 😜.

Start juicing like Julie:

Open your fridge, see what vegetable are left and make yourself a nice soup.

Today mine is:

1 &1/2 courgette, 2 tomatoes, 1 shallot, 1 chicory, 1 pepper; I’ll stove them 10 min in water, then mix them; breakfast is ready.  Add pepper, salt & vegetable stock off course.

Off to the market!

Sport activity:

  • Walking up any stairs you come across
  • 20min yoga with app

Sport is all around you, if you have no time or motivation to do sport. then start by taking the stairs instead of the elevator.  An easy way to do some sport is download a yoga and/or pilates app, mine is called “simply yoga” & “workouts”, they give options for 20min workouts you can perform at home. A great way to start your day. Oxygenating your body and stretching your muscles.

Lunch from Martine: fennel appel & parsley juice = exquisite!

Afternoon from Mama: appel, carrot & ginger juice = superb & without any sweetener!

Went for a drink on a terrace with a friend and had fresh mint tea, yummy!

Had an appointment for travel info, and brought my own fresh juice! Took the stairs to reach her appartment (4 storeys)

Keep living, less thinking 😃

Dinner: Soup from this morning

Drink 2 litres of water per day (I added some lemon in it)

Evening: herbal tea

Night 1 observations: tired, headache, craving for food, stomach weird feeling; healthy tired, determined not to eat, good for perseverance, craving healthy food, no junk food.

Day 2:

Start of with warm water, lemon and ginger.

Sport activity:

  • Dancing 20min, while cooking 🙂
  • 1 hour pilates (teaching)
  • 30min swimming

Drink 2 litres of water per day (I added some coriander in it)

Afternoon: appel, carrot & ginger juice = superb & without any sweetener!

Dinner: strong, detoxifying & not sweet. 1/2 brocoli, 2 large handful of parsley, 1 large cucumber, 2 celery sticks (with leaves), spinach, salad, cress & limon. Peel vegetables for less bitter flavour. Add appel, carrot or orange for sweeter taste.

lime: adds acidity and helps increase the absorption of nutrients.

parsley: strong cleansing action in the body and reduces some heavy metals in the body, such as mercury, lead and , accumulated in the body over time and suspected of triggering dangerous conditions like heart disease, thyroid problems, dementia, neurological conditions, autism, infertility and birth defects.

65.3 kilos

Oh grand, cleansing just started and I have to go teach pilates. Squeezing the bellybutton and working the abs. Ha Ha

Amazing lesson, wonderful students and they all thanked me for the course and wished for me to come back. 🙂 I think it might be one of the best courses I tought in my life.

Dinner: the rest of Julie’s soup

Evening: herbal tea

Night 2 observations: my skin is starting to clear of imperfections, mind clarifies, choices become clear, loving life. I’m discovering vegetables I didn’t even know existed. Ha Ha! Kale leaves… Cleansing started. 🙂 Drinking 2 liters of water a day to rehydrate. Hungry, that salmon in the fridge is stating to look extremely appealing.

Shocking: the amount of plastic I had to throw away buying veggie.

Day 3:

64.4 kilos

Morning: Beetroot, carrot, ginger, lemon, orange, salary & ice.

Activity: Zumba 20min

Lunch: sushi with colleagues, good bye lunch. I only ate half and stopped because I felt like my body had enough, I took the rest to go.

Afternoon: herbal tea

Activity: Pilates, taught 1 hour

Dinner: business dinner, ate a little bit of everything, but without excess. Drank water and half a glass of white. Really tasting all the ingredients. Eating slowly. 🙂

Evening: herbal tea

Night 3 observations: nothing special, feel good.

Day 4: 

Start of with warm water, lemon and ginger.

Drink 2 litres of water per day (I added some fresh orange juice in it)

Breakfast: appel, carrot & ginger juice

Conclusion: I think its obvious that we are all carrying some extra holliday weight on this side of the world.I think the juicing at the start is a great idea, because you’re immediately confronted with keeping your urge to eat in control. After which the stomach shrinks and makes u eat less.

The most rewarding was it truly raised a special new level of awareness ❤️

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