A Yoga Studio in Ubud that is not the Yogabarn

Ubud is known to be THE place to practice yoga, meditation, get enlightened and heal. 

Yes, off course we agree. Thats exactly what the name stands for and it is.

Unfortunately too much tourism, kills the tourism. 

A few years ago, the Yogabarn was THE place to be. I’m affraid today it has lost some of its original charms in my opinion.

A friend of mine, quiet the introvert went to Ubud and pointed me into another direction. He said:

“Julie, send people to Intuitive Flow, its a beautiful studio, surrounded with glass windows with stunning views of the Kintamani vulcano, franchipani tempel trees and it still has a family feeling.”

Here it is guys!
Intuitive flow! The new place to be for yoga in ubud.


Drive past bridges restaurant and before Bintang supermarket there is a taxi sign. Park your motorbike. Walk up the steps in front of hotel Campuhan. Then just follow the signs.

Don’t miss out on Yellow flower café and Bamboo Spirit!


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