Sunday dance at the Yogabarn

Super excited I hopped on my bike to join the yogabarn’s sunday dance. I remenbered a few years back, me and my friend Nathalie were breathtaken by these Ubud locals and visitors dancing away on a sunday morning. I love to dance, so on my way I was!
&nbsp;<a href=””><img src=”; alt=””></a>&nbsp;

As I arrived, unfortunately it was fully booked. I asked politely :
“Miss, can I peek in and make a small video of the dansing feet for my travel blog?”
Then the woman answered:
“Absolutely not, as of respecting the privacy of the people dancing, there is no way you can.”
Right. That was it.
I decided to take off.
No really the spirit I was looking for.&nbsp;
They seem to have various classes, healing therapies, massages, …and an ayurvedic rejuvenation center.
Here’s their website.

Ask us for more info and book your 5 days healing in Bali’s rice paddies, mountains, valleys and jungle today!

Gili Travel Agency, people who design trips with Love and Passion.&nbsp;

Ideal to combine with 5 days reboot in Gili Air program for a 10 day holiday! – +6281999601058

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