Best yoga in Ubud

Bow your head in gratitude, said the yoga teacher. Opening my eyes on Bali’s volcano, Agung. I was getting filled with pure morning light.  The perfect way to start the day.


 A combination of stretching and slow movements that in the end felt much stronger then he power power power yoga we ‘re used to in Europe or Australia. 

Chiara, the yoga teacher is filled with Love and gratitude and she makes the morning light shine through you. We saluted the moon, the dark side and the light, because it prevented her from sleeping. We greeted her by chanting a mantra, hoping she would let her sleep tonight.

We chanted the mantra of gratitude, thanked mother earth and every single part of our body, massaged our inner organs and with a liquid body inhaled light and exhaled pushing out all that we had to let go.

We inhaled like condors, spreading our wings high up to the sky, flying over the earth to land brand new, for a new start, in this new light, for a new day. 

Thank you Chiara ❤️💋

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