The Blue Planet For The Home Sweet Homers


I’m standing on the bow of this massive Australian Catamaran, that’s taking me from Cairns to Australia‘s Great Barrier Reef. My inside is on fire! I mean WAw! I’m on my way to THE Great Barrier Reef!! As a Scuba Instructor, for sure this was on the top of the bucket- list!¬†The wind is gliding through my hair, as I rock up and down with the waves. As I try to find… Read More

Music from the land down under… I think you’ve all heard this song before… ūüôā After hitch- hiking for over 1000 K’s, I reaaaaally didn’t feel like talking anymore. When I jumped into Garry’s truck, he asked me:¬†“Do you like music?” I answered: “I LOVe music!”

The last person to pick me up hitch- hiking to Airlie Beach was Scott. He had three big dogs in the back of his truck… Turned out he’d just been Wild Pig Hunting in the Sugar Cane Fields… I asked Scott, if next time I could join him.¬†Scott was true to his word ¬†and took me Wild Pig Hunting between Makay and Proserpine, on Australia’s East Coast. In the Pitch Black Night…… Read More

Airlie Beach is a popular Australian coast town, that’s often used as a Jumping- off point to visit Australia’s Whitsunday’s and the Great Barrier Reef. The town is lovely. Not too big, not too small. Packed with travellers, hopping on the big boats to visit the Great Barrier Reef and shaking their asses at night to the life music…

Four years ago, when I started the “Big Travel” in Rio de Janeiro: I’d read the whole Brazilian Lonely Planet and had already found a friends’ apartment to rent 6 months later, in the North of Bahia, for when we had to find work… Bla Bla Bla. In the end I spend 2 weeks in Brazil, crossed South- and Central America and ended up working in Mexiiiiico! So yeah, this time… Sama… Read More

In less then 2 weeks time I had to re- orient my life. A job I took didn’t work out and I was given 14 days to leave Gili Air. Gili Air has been my Home away from Home for the past year and a half, a tiny little island that lies between Lombok and Bali, in Indonesia. Luckily 6 months ago I’d already applied for an Australian Working Holiday Visa, a… Read More

If you’re a diver, you have¬†probably wished to see this amazing blue- ringed octopus. If you have seen it, you’ve probably had the same reaction:” It’s so small?!” ūüôā Yes, the average size of a blue- ringed octopus is 12-20cm and the mantle is about 5cm. Nevertheless, he’s known to be one of the oceans most¬†venomous¬†creatures. One blue- ringed octopus, holds enough¬†venom¬†to kill 26 adult human beings.

This post is part of my research for the most amazing dives in the world. This one is not for everyone :). It remains one of the dive sites we would like to visit, in the future. Diving with great whites is popular in South Africa, Australia and on Guadalupe Island, which is off Mexico in the Pacific ocean. I believe wherever great whites are present, the possibility¬†of cage diving¬†with them exists…