The Blue Planet For The Home Sweet Homers


On the Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca, the Isla Del Sol (Island of the Sun) and the Isla De La Luna (Island of the Moon) are the most known islands of the lake. The Isla Del Sol, in Inca mythology, is the birthplace of the sun. The bearded white God Viracocha and the first Inca Manco Copac, and his sister-wife, Mama Huaca made their first appearance here. We decided to visit the… Read More

Set at 3 820m, the Lake Titicaca is 270km long and 97km wide. Enfolded by Peru and Bolivia, it is known for being one of the highest lakes in the world. Lake Titicaca is a remainder of an ancient inland sea, called “Lago Bollivian”. Thanks to the snowy tops of the Cordillera Real that lay in the background, the Lake provides a magical feeling! Coming from La Paz, to reach Copacabana, the… Read More

When you arrive in La Paz, the view takes your breath away. It looks like the city and her skyscrapers have swallowed the valley, which is leaned over by the snowy mountain Illamani (6 402m). La Paz might only be Bolivia’s governmental capital, but compared to Sucre, which is Bolivia’s judicial capital, La Paz really feels like a capital! La Paz is in my opinion Bolivia’s top city for shopping, restaurants, slightly… Read More

From Tupiza to Uyuni we booked a jeep tour through the Sur Lipez and the “Reserva National de fauna Andina Eduardo Avaroa” . The tour takes you from the Sillar, where you can observe amazing coloured rock formation carved by the rain, through the Altiplano with his thousand of llamas and along amazing lagoons, in the middle of the desert. The lagoons hold several chemicals, which each give a different colour to… Read More

Rebecca, Happy Birthday to youuuuuuu!! We arrived in Tupiza which is known to be the South American Far West. You can visit canyons by horseback. It is also known as a perfect start for the Sur Lipez and the several Salares (Salt lakes). We are taking a 4 days tour tomorrow through the Sur Lipez up to the Salare de Uyuni. On the program are lagoons, Salt lakes, Cactus islands, hot water… Read More

After all these horrible yet adventurous bus rides, we finally decided not to book trips longer than 10hrs. We boarded the buss for Tupiza at 8:30 PM, it was supposed to be an 8 hour drive, and instead it took us 24 hrs! After a nice nap, I woke up and realised the bus was parked along the road and both bus drivers were sleeping. At dawn they started working on the… Read More

In the middle of the rainy season thunderstorms control the sky. Often you can see lightning gliding through the sky, announcing a thunderstorm passing over the neighbor village. You can walk through the city, where you’ll here and feel the thunder reverberating against the buildings. When the thunderstorm decides to pass over your own village, you don’t know in what form he plans to pass. You’ll be standing on the terrace and… Read More

Tarija is a viticultural city with colonial houses and beautiful plazas. The Plaza Central is surrounded by palm trees and lovely terraces. For us Tarija is the most lovable city we encountered since our arrival in Bolivia. The Tarijeños are happy and cheerful; the cities design is tasteful, which both give to Tarija this special “Good Vibe”. To add up to this great atmosphere, the wine and the meat are really good!… Read More

We are building a natural pool in the river, because the water has been cut off. The dam has become our mission :o). Next to the dam, Arthur found a humming bird’s nest. It’s not bigger than an egg and it holds mother, father and child. It’s really impressive! Another of Eve’s secrets is how to make pesto de casa. You’ll need a big bunch of fresh basil, 5 cloves of garlic,… Read More

Eve, Django & Mike live in a little paradise not far from Tarija, called Erquiss Sur. The peace here is astonishing! As last time, with peace of mind came sports. To start, we had a great 7km run to Coimata. It was a rough run, dogs were barking all the way! The secret against Bolivian dogs is to catch a stone and pretend to throw it at them, most of the time… Read More