The Blue Planet For The Home Sweet Homers


Another marvellous bus ride from Bonito to Buraco das Piranhas. We briefly saw the Pantanal because the Pousada Natureza, which was unreachable, was fully booked. Horrified by the price of the other hostels we decided to visit the Pantanal in Bolivia. 24 hours later we drove threw the Pantanal in a Bolivian cross bus, at night during the rainy season. That was an unforgettable experience! Trucks were stuck in the mod and… Read More

To get to Bonito we got a ride with Miguel Angel Allou, former champion of car races. It was a bumpy, fast and Spanish ride! Wonderful experience! In Ponta Pora we made a little tour in Paraguay, there is no customs. Bonito is a charming little town. It’s well-known for her underground lakes and her crystal clear rivers. The downside is that these locations can only be visited with tours and the… Read More

We are finally on our way to nature! After calling the bus company, Pluma, we went to the bus station to catch the 6 o’ clock bus to Iguaçu falls. Unfortunately there was no 6 o’ clock bus. Luckily we found another option threw Curitiba. We spent 26 hours from Rio de Janeiro to Foz do Iguaçu. Brazil is a beautiful country with a lot of sights, but it’s also a huge… Read More

Our arrival in Rio de Janeiro was far from comfortable. After 2cancelled and 2 delayed flights, which made us spend 30 hours between Brussels International airport and “Aeropuerto Galião”, we finally arrived in Rio de Janeiro, unfortunately our luggage didn’t. Piratas de Ipanema Guesthouse, certainly the cheapest deal in Rio de Janeiro (8€ / pp/ night). We were sharing our dorm with some of Copacabana’s beach vendors. This hostel has all the party… Read More