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Chamula has over 50,000 inhabitants and is situated about 10 km from San Christobal. Chamula is located in the highlands at an altitude of 2,200 meters, inhabited by the indigenous Tzozil Maya people. The town enjoys of a unique autonomous status within Mexico. No outside police or military are allowed in the village. Chamulas have their own police force. The only sight in Chamula, is the church of San Juan. The church is… Read More

I woke up in the night bus, about one hour before arriving in Palenque town. The first thing I saw after leaving the unique beaches of Playa del Carmen was the Usumacinta River surrounded by jungle, at the crack of dawn. The lighting was perfect, nor bright nor dark. Mist was hanging over the river, through the trees. The water of the river was high, it mirrored that perfect morning light through… Read More

To visit the ruins of Palenque, your best lodging option would be El Panchan. It is a piece of land in the jungle. Staying there is magical. El Panchan provides accommodations for every budget. They have comfortable rooms with private bath, thatched huts, camping area, and palapas. Website: Accommodation in El Panchan, Jungle Palace offers basic huts, with fan, beside a river. There is a shared bathroom with hot water. 10$/room…. Read More