The Blue Planet For The Home Sweet Homers


Portobelo used to be the mid-point between Spain and Peru. The goods would come overland or by water from Lima to Portobelo.   The Spanish Galleons would sail to Spain transporting gold, silver, tobacco, chocolate, hides, etc. Afterwards they would return to the Americas with wine, oils, iron, wood items, furniture, etc. Such wealth awakened the interest of other world powers. As a counter measure, the Spanish surrounded the bay with fortifications…. Read More

Touch and go in Cali. We spend a night in the Pelican Larry Hostal,,  for a 6 people dorm, he charges 9$ pp/night, kitchen, internet, WIFI. Watch out! If you book a flight to Panama, you’ll need to buy a ticket out of Panama too. Do it at a bus office. Otherwise, like us, you’ll need to buy a plane ticket out off Panama before boarding your plane to Panama. The… Read More