The Blue Planet For The Home Sweet Homers


Puerto Lopez is a charming fishermen town. The bay is packed with blue fishing boats. In the morning, we went for a run on the beach and came back with dinner. We bought a barracuda for one dollar! Afterwards we realised that they were selling lobsters, soles and many other fishes on the other side of the beach! The barracuda was delicious! Puerto Lopez is the ideal start for a visit to… Read More

Guayaquil is Ecuador’s biggest city. Like every city it’s hot, noisy and chaotic. The city has transformed the waterfront of Rio Guayas, once crime’s rendezvous, into a 2,5km outdoor showpiece. We had a short walk along the river, it is impressive! Accomodation in Guayaquil, Pacifico Hostelling INT., Air conditioning + fans, cable TV, WIFI, laundry. Good hotel @ 7$ pp. Escobedo 811 entre Junin y Luis Urdaneta, Tel. 04-2568093. Restoration in Guayaquil,… Read More