The Blue Planet For The Home Sweet Homers


We are building a natural pool in the river, because the water has been cut off. The dam has become our mission :o). Next to the dam, Arthur found a humming bird’s nest. It’s not bigger than an egg and it holds mother, father and child. It’s really impressive! Another of Eve’s secrets is how to make pesto de casa. You’ll need a big bunch of fresh basil, 5 cloves of garlic,… Read More

Eve, Django & Mike live in a little paradise not far from Tarija, called Erquiss Sur. The peace here is astonishing! As last time, with peace of mind came sports. To start, we had a great 7km run to Coimata. It was a rough run, dogs were barking all the way! The secret against Bolivian dogs is to catch a stone and pretend to throw it at them, most of the time… Read More

Potosi is the world’s highest city and also another Unesco World Heritage site. Potosi is well-known for its silver mines, which in the past have been very lucrative. Today thousand continue to work in the mines, although the resources are nearly extenuated. We choose not to go on a mine tour and we celebrated carnival with the minors. Which, in the beginning was a little odd; they would perform traditional dances and… Read More