The Blue Planet For The Home Sweet Homers


I’ ve been living on Gili Air island for a year now, its in Lombok Indonesia. I run around the island in 30min, which can give you an idea of the size of the island, sometimes I paddle board out at sea and look back at this tiny little island and wonder how I manage to live on such a small island… The reason used to be: Space Bar… Space Bar is… Read More

Thank God in life , we are not all the same, how boring would that be? The perception we have on things, differ from one person to another. In my opinion, Psy- trance party are THE best festivals in the world! They blow my mind! Have you been? Don’t you love the mysterious and exciting treasure hunt that arises, on your way to a Psychedelic Trance festival? No matter in which country… Read More

After being on the road for almost 4 years, I finally decided to give myself a break from dragging all these Big Bags around! I’ve decided to spend a whole year on Gili Air. A tiny magical island where there are no motorized vehicles and no police! The only way to get around is by horse cart, bicycle and off course, by foot. For my friend Byll, Gili Air is his safe… Read More

This morning, me and my dive buddy, Sky, dropped down on Halik Deep. Located just North of Gili Trawangan in Lombok, Indonesia. Halik Deep is one of my favorite dive sites around the Gili Islands. When the upwelling currents are shooting up from the deep, I have often been blessed with the presence of Black Tip reef sharks swaying their way along the reef.

I am on the road again! Just by writing these words,  I can feel my body filling up with Excitement, Heat and Freedom. I asked my Travel -buddy, Nathalie, my former University buddy: “Nathalie, Do we have the guts to drive around Bali, on a motorbike, on the left side of the road?” Her response was: “Julie, we dare Everything!” Which created in me, an explOsion of excitement!

See pictures Not fund of reading or no time? Discover the Gili island above and underwater, in less than five minutes, thanks to these two short videos!

See pictures Tulamben and Amed are quiet, but the miracle lies beneath the water. One of Bali’s most amazing wrecks, the Liberty Wreck. A WWII wreck of the US cargo ship. Best night dive of my life, really!

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The coral triangle, known to have one of the highest biodivercity in the world, is located around Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon Islands and Timor-Leste.