The Blue Planet For The Home Sweet Homers


Driving back from Isla Grande, we passed the “Miraflores” dam of the Panama Canal, which was impressive. Panama is the country that has the smallest distance between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, 60km.  Panama City is situated on the pacific coast. We were very impressed of the “hugeness” of Panama City, it holds thousand of skyscrapers! From our hostel, which was across the bay in Casco Viejo we could observe… Read More

Isla Grande finally holds everything we were expecting of the Caribbean’s! I still can’t believe we are here! The water is azure blue, warm, white sand, snorkelling from the beach, a lot of fishes and coral reefs, beach chairs, sunglasses all day, palm trees, etc. Heaven! Every morning we ran around the Island and finish with a swim in the Caribbean sea, as you can see, it’s simply Heaven! Accommodation on the… Read More

Portobelo used to be the mid-point between Spain and Peru. The goods would come overland or by water from Lima to Portobelo.   The Spanish Galleons would sail to Spain transporting gold, silver, tobacco, chocolate, hides, etc. Afterwards they would return to the Americas with wine, oils, iron, wood items, furniture, etc. Such wealth awakened the interest of other world powers. As a counter measure, the Spanish surrounded the bay with fortifications…. Read More