The Blue Planet For The Home Sweet Homers


How to get from Clark Airport to Puerto Galera In Clark there is a jeepney service that will bring you to the nearest bus station for 50PHP (1$). From where you can catch the local bus to Manila for 140PHP (3$). Or you can choose to take the airport bus, which costs 400PHP (10$).

If you have a few minutes, discover two of my co-workers favorite Filipino voices.

Due to their small size, commonly smaller then our little finger, plus their ability of mimicking their surroundings, Ghost Pipefish are not easy to spot underwater! Which off course makes us, divers, love them even more. More little the chance to spot something, more valuable it becomes to spot it.

The Philippines, the archipelago that lies just off the mass- tourism tracks. The country that is often left aside by the thousands of backpackers that travel through Southeast Asia. Which makes it unique and preserved.