The Blue Planet For The Home Sweet Homers


I choose to categorize this blog into 7 continents, 5 oceans and 7 seas. Which I thought was interesting to know, so I’m sharing it with you. To make navigation easier around this blog.

Style baby, he’s got style. Termas de Chillán Chris Karn Thonnard, posted with vodpod

Portobelo used to be the mid-point between Spain and Peru. The goods would come overland or by water from Lima to Portobelo.   The Spanish Galleons would sail to Spain transporting gold, silver, tobacco, chocolate, hides, etc. Afterwards they would return to the Americas with wine, oils, iron, wood items, furniture, etc. Such wealth awakened the interest of other world powers. As a counter measure, the Spanish surrounded the bay with fortifications…. Read More

Touch and go in Cali. We spend a night in the Pelican Larry Hostal,,  for a 6 people dorm, he charges 9$ pp/night, kitchen, internet, WIFI. Watch out! If you book a flight to Panama, you’ll need to buy a ticket out of Panama too. Do it at a bus office. Otherwise, like us, you’ll need to buy a plane ticket out off Panama before boarding your plane to Panama. The… Read More

Puerto Lopez is a charming fishermen town. The bay is packed with blue fishing boats. In the morning, we went for a run on the beach and came back with dinner. We bought a barracuda for one dollar! Afterwards we realised that they were selling lobsters, soles and many other fishes on the other side of the beach! The barracuda was delicious! Puerto Lopez is the ideal start for a visit to… Read More

Guayaquil is Ecuador’s biggest city. Like every city it’s hot, noisy and chaotic. The city has transformed the waterfront of Rio Guayas, once crime’s rendezvous, into a 2,5km outdoor showpiece. We had a short walk along the river, it is impressive! Accomodation in Guayaquil, Pacifico Hostelling INT., Air conditioning + fans, cable TV, WIFI, laundry. Good hotel @ 7$ pp. Escobedo 811 entre Junin y Luis Urdaneta, Tel. 04-2568093. Restoration in Guayaquil,… Read More

Mancora has everything a beach resort must have. Beautiful beaches with nice “white-ish” sand, warm water, nice waves, surfers, good restaurants and good night clubs, even some night clubs on the beach! It is one of Peru’s top tourism destinations; in 2005 340,000 tourists visited Mancora. Unfortunately there was no work for us in Mancora. Accommodation in Mancora Peru, Sol y mar. 15 soles pp, on the beach, private bathroom (salty water),… Read More

Lima is Peru’s capital and largest city. According to Wikipedia, in Latin America, Lima is the 4th largest city, just behind São Paulo, Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro. It is also one of the most important cities in the world levelled with Tokyo, New York, Paris, London, Sydney and Dubai. The Commerce and economy of Lima are classified as the biggest percentage of South America, together with Santiago, São Paulo, Buenos… Read More