The Blue Planet For The Home Sweet Homers


How to get from Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi airport to Khaosan Road for less then 1$?

Yellow Curry Squid prepared by our so loved cook Eve! This dish is very tasty! Not to spicy and tasteful.

This is for the ladies or the men that want to please their ladies 😉 Chef Nico cooks Thai Food: Phad Kha Prao, also known as Chicken with basil leaves.

Thai cooking classes are famous in Thailand. Especially in Chiang Mai, the northern capital. We proceeded somewhat differently than the tourist herds, we asked our favorite eatery, if they would give us Thai cooking lessons. We ended up spending the whole day and the next night with them. It was her birthday. Learned a lot and had a blast! This is the part at the market, where she explains how to choose… Read More

Thai people looooove karaoke. I think its an Asian thing because here in the Philippines, they love it too. You regularly come across these standing karaoke machines. In the middle of nowhere, in a hut, you can find a karaoke machine!

See pictures Chiang Mai is a small town in northern Thailand, surrounded by mountains and jungle. With about 170 000 people, next to Bangkok’s 8 million people, I think we can call it a “small town”. It gives an amazing energy!

Finally on holidays, back in Thailand. Sport, Thai cuisine, yoga and meditation are on the menu. I found a wonderful book that holds a great variety of Thai recipes. The recipes are well explained, step-by-step. It’s called popular Thai cuisine from SD books, the step-by-step cooking series. Here are a few recipes to take you on a culinary voyage and bring Thailand to your table.

Ko Phi Phi is one of the southern islands in Thailand. After Ko Chang, Phi Phi felt like disney land!

See pictures Bangkok, 8 million people in this never sleeping, active capital. We arrived by bus in the middle of a storm. The huge skyscrapers, were being absorbed by enormous dark gray thunder clouds. It started pouring rain! When I say pouring, I mean seriously pouring! 1 minute in this kind of rain will soak you from head to toe. Its powerful and wild, a wall of water!

See pictures I’m living in a little fishermen village where at 8:30PM, everything is closed. There are no bars, not even an exchange counter, but there is a 7/11, go figure ;). Anyway, all this to show you, how wonderfully lost I feel. 🙂 My apartment is surrounded by jungle and its inhabitants. But the most amazing of all is I’ve never felt happier in my entire life. The 6 months of cold winter… Read More