The Blue Planet For The Home Sweet Homers


1. USA border patrol: Watch out! To get an export stamp on your car title at the USA border patrol office, you need to drop off the car title 72 working hours in advance. After 72 working hours, you may pass the border, at that EXACT border patrol office. 2. Border patrol Quebec, Canada: You will need the car title with the export stamp and the car´s sales contract or invoice. They… Read More

Portland is Maine’s largest city. The city’s population is around 60 000, New York City’s population is around 8 million. Portland’s traffic was fluent all day and parking was fairly easy! Portland’s harbor is worth a look, with its many lobster boats! Hitch a ride on one of the crossing ferries to visit one of Maine’s many islands. In the summer, on Peaks Island, there’re live reggae concerts on Sundays. Don’t forget… Read More

I met Anita and Joe on a Mexican beach in Playa del Carmen. We promised to see each other again. 6 months later, in Berwick Maine, we shared a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, the first of our life! I will never forget your pumpkin pie Anita! Website of the town of Berwick:

I finally got to see my host family again, where I learned English 7 years ago. Going for a jog around Walden Pond is amazing. The spot became famous thanks to the writer, Henry David Thoreau, who lived on the lake for two years and wrote the book “Walden; or, Life in the woods”. Thoreau wanted to isolate himself from society, to be able to understand it better. Thoreau had two goals,… Read More

My grandmother’s sister, Margot Dubru, fell in love with an American soldier. I finally got to meet my cousins in Needham, a Boston suburb in Massachusetts, USA. Website of the town of Needham:

Many years ago, the Dutch arrived on the America’s and bought the island of Manhattan from the Native Americans. The amount of gold exchanged equaled to 24$. New York was founded as a commercial trading post by the Dutch in 1624, mainly for Rum, Furs, Sugar and slaves. They called it New Amsterdam.  In 1664 the English colony came, they took over the land from the Dutch. They called it New York. After the… Read More

The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia have been famous long before Shenandoah National Park was established. People came here to rest and get recreation. President Herbert Hoover and the first Lady build a camp in the park as a retreat. Not too far from Washington and completely different. Good for escaping the city stress. In 1930, the depression era Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) “boys” came to built facilities, so that everyone could… Read More

Wilmington is a cute little town, along the Atlantic Ocean. Is the home of two of our great friends, Dallas and Mary. Carolina beach or Wrightsville beach you name it. The city of Wilmington is surrounded by water. The home or retreat of many fisherman, surfers, divers, captains,… The battleship, along the river front gives a dramatic gorgeous look to the river side. Good bars, good restaurants, a lot of ladies and… Read More

The home of the black bear! Our arrival t The Great Smoky Mountains was a bit late. We purchased a free backpacking camping permit for the National Park. The permit had an illustration explaining how to hang your backpack on a cable between two trees so the bears couldn’t reach it, which at first we thought would be a great experience. After talking to a ranger, who et us know lately people… Read More

Arriving at Mammoth Cave National Park in the fall was a good choice. The 80 square miles National Park gave us a colorful welcome. Mammoth Cave National Park in the fall resembles a bit to the Belgian Ardennes, which we strongly miss. It was nice to walk around in a forest that felt like home. Mammoth Cave is mainly known for its 365 miles underground caves. Several tours are organized to visit… Read More