The Blue Planet For The Home Sweet Homers


Acording to Ayurveda, a dosha, is one of 3 substances that are present in the body of a person. Also called the 3-dosha theory, it discribes how the quantity of these three substances fluctuate in the body, according to our actions, thoughts, emotions, the time of day, the seasons, the foods we eat and any other imputs that feed our mind and body. Identifying and eating in accordance with your doshas will… Read More

The chillhouse is a surf and yoga retreat. As they say they are different, and I have to say they are. They’ve managed to create a little garden of eden with surf & yoga retreats year round.      The eco- save the planet spirit is announced as soon as you arrive. The walls facing the street are sending eco- responsible messages out to the world, they have an organic café, an… Read More

Bow your head in gratitude, said the yoga teacher. Opening my eyes on Bali’s volcano, Agung. I was getting filled with pure morning light.  The perfect way to start the day.     A combination of stretching and slow movements that in the end felt much stronger then he power power power yoga we ‘re used to in Europe or Australia.  Chiara, the yoga teacher is filled with Love and gratitude and she… Read More

Super excited I hopped on my bike to join the yogabarn’s sunday dance. I remenbered a few years back, me and my friend Nathalie were breathtaken by these Ubud locals and visitors dancing away on a sunday morning. I love to dance, so on my way I was! &nbsp;<a href=””><img src=”; alt=””></a>&nbsp; As I arrived, unfortunately it was fully booked. I asked politely : “Miss, can I peek in and make a… Read More

Ubud is known to be THE place to practice yoga, meditation, get enlightened and heal.  Yes, off course we agree. Thats exactly what the name stands for and it is. Unfortunately too much tourism, kills the tourism.  A few years ago, the Yogabarn was THE place to be. I’m affraid today it has lost some of its original charms in my opinion. A friend of mine, quiet the introvert went to Ubud… Read More

See pictures With our cute little motorbike, we decided to go and discover northern Thailand. 700 km in total, we definitely strengthened our bottoms! We started off in direction of Mae Rim.

See pictures Chiang Mai is a small town in northern Thailand, surrounded by mountains and jungle. With about 170 000 people, next to Bangkok’s 8 million people, I think we can call it a “small town”. It gives an amazing energy!