1798868_10151861512136356_568083162_nThis is for all the people who need a breeze of fresh air!

This blog is about underwater- diving and travel experiences.
I’m on a World- Tour while diving. 🙂

Discover the World, its Oceans and Seas with me!
Bring the world to your table thanks to the recipes.
Discover local artists. Read about different habits, state of minds.
Become a spectator of the underwater richness of our blue planet.

Feel inspired thanks to the Words of wisdom I pick up along the way.

Plan your next trip.
Where to eat and where to sleep, on a budget.
Read about the the best dive spots in the world.
Enjoy the pictures and video selections.
Prepare your future adventure or breathe a breeze of freedom and sunshine browsing through this blog.

Don’t hesitate to ask me for guidance…

We live the blue planet, subscribe to this blog and live it with us from your office, your home, from anywhere!

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2 Comments on “About

  1. Hello ! I love the way you organize your blog and the pictures are absolutely great !
    Should I go to visit any of the countries you reported, I’d certainly find all the needed information in your blog ! Thank you very much indeed ! And congratulations with all that work ! :o)
    M.Cl. Lanssens.

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