The Haven Bali Berawa Canggu
Canggu is becoming in my opinion the best place to visit South Bali, or just for a quick one night, after flying back in or before you fly back out. 

The welcome at The Haven Berawa was excellent. I arrived in the night, the staff welcomed me on the parking, carried my luggage to the room, I recieved a fresh welcome drink, I think it was ginger tea, delicious, and a cold refreshing towel. 

The check in went smoothly and was warm hearted, it gave me a true Balinese feeling.

The room is spacious, the king size bed a comfortable magnificent surprise, with a huge flat screen TV, to ensure a gently come down, simply perfect.

The bathtub with fresh bath salt is a must. 

Usually I’m not a fan of hotel food. I’m a Massive fan of room service but mostly dissapointed afterwards. Still can’t really wrap my head around it and I keep trying :). Know the feeling? 

I have to say this was finally an exception. The snapper, in butter sauce, baby potatoes and fresh veggies was delicious and the creme brulee with homemade strawberry coulis was to die for.

Their 24 hour spa is also a winner.

Looking forward to jump in their massive ocean view pool to wake up and swim a few lanes after going for a morning jog along the ocean, on the beach.

Excellent wifi, speedy gonzales, andale andale! Practical if like me, you need to get some work done.

The breakfast was delicious and a fair deal. 100.000IDR for their buffet, with yogourt, fresh fruit, a variety of pastries, eggs any style, cornflakes, and a delicious bleng of Balinese coffee. 

Deffinetely one for our suggestions ❤️

Rate start around 1 million a night.

If you like our suggestions, be so kind to Book with us 🙏🏻
Our favorite feature: the bamboo raft to reach the beach ❤️

With Love & Passion


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Don’t forget the little Julie inside, he said with a smile. Immagine a young, cute little girl, her name is Julie, just like your name. Look at her and feel how you would treat her with care and gentleness. Focus on this energy and transfer it, from your warm heart, towards yourself. Visualise passing the light of peace, love and prosperity for 2017 to your loved ones and off course don’t forget most importantly yourself.

Life asks of you what it think you can handle. Life works in mysterious ways. Live, Laugh and Love. Some days we grief, others we celebrate life.

Selflove comes out after this session, he said. As well as living in the present moment. The power of the present moment. 

Lao Tzu said, if you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present. ❤️

It is no use to dwell on the past and awaken fears and insecurities; as it is no use to project big plans in the future. As all we are really the master of, is the present moment. Lets enjoy it and value what we have a little bit more. 🙂

Respect yourself and others. Don’t do to others, what you wouldn’t want others to do to you. If anger takes over, finding its root in the incapacity to let go of abandenement and fear. 

Remember the three wise monkeys (Japan); Mizaru, covering his eyes, who sees no evil; Kikazaru, covering his ears, who hears no evil; Iwazaru, covering his mouth, who speaks no evil.

Last week someone made me feel insignificant, naive and stupid, she said. It was horrible, the worst part is I thought he was a true friend. It broke my heart and now its even harder to let go.  

Ask yourself every day before you go to bed, she said:
1. Who did you make smile today?

2. Who did you make happy today?

3. Who did you teach something to today?

4. Who did you make feel good about themself today?

Ask yourself this every day and it will automatically pit a smile on your face :). Thats the power of the present moment.

Then, not to forget yourself and focus on selflove, turn it around and ask yourself.

1. Who made you smile today?

2. Who made you happy today?

3. Who thought you something today?

4. Who made you feel good about yourself today?

After asking yourself these simple questions, anger will dissapear under a rain of gratitude. 

We are so blessed. 

The Mantra chanting of we are so blessed helped me a lot, she said. I’m not sure how it went, but I think its sonething like this.

🎶⭐️ Danjaham danjaham danjaham danjaaaaa danjaham Danjaham danjaham danjaham danjaaaaa danjaham punaf punaaf danjaham ⭐️🎶

Thank you to Chiara and Mino for another  wonderful and succesful healing weekend in Ubud.

Ready to go home filled with a pile of new energy.


The chillhouse is a surf and yoga retreat. As they say they are different, and I have to say they are. They’ve managed to create a little garden of eden with surf & yoga retreats year round.  
The eco- save the planet spirit is announced as soon as you arrive. The walls facing the street are sending eco- responsible messages out to the world, they have an organic café, an eco- gift shop, and the villas are tastefully decorated. 

We arrived at the Chillhouse and entered a through the trendy eco- shop, where I completely fell in love with a long colourful vestido, made in Sri Lanka all fair trade. The receptionist was lovely, warm, elegant, wearing a beautiful long ocean blue coloured dress. Her smile was filled with kindness; she welcomed us with a mini fresh young coconut. I have to say there are few places where I already feel good, before actually entering the property, this is one of the rare moments its happened in my life, Bravo! 

As we entered deeper into the Chillhouse’s world; it just kept getting better and better.  

Their organic café offers a variety of vegan, gluten free dishes. We tried the endame salad, because we had no idea what it was. They brought us delicious, slightly boiled Japese green beans served on a cabbage salad, sauteed in kecup manis. We also tried the “full of veggies” nasi goreng, a revisited version of nasi goreng, made with red rice and tons of vegetables, enak sekali! Delicious! As we say in Indonesian :). Their finger food is also exquisite. 

The villas are tastefully designed and privatised. Each villa has its own terrace where you can lay back to read a good book, or enjoy an afternoon nap, after surfing, before your yoga practice.  The beds are comfortable and covered with a mosquito net. The minibar is full of fresh beverages and the openair bathroom is just the perfect finishing touch for showering under the stars.  

The facilities are lovely. There’re two swimming pools. One in the front, next to the café, where there’s an ipad and you’re able to play your own spotify playlist.  

They offer a range of activities. You can visit mengwi’s traditional market, then pura luhur’s temple, have lunch at prana dewi organic, walk through the UNESCO world heritage rice terraces of jatiluwih and see the temple of Bedugul, daily downhill bike tours are available, daytrips to Ubud, daytrips to Uluwatu, or go snorkelling with manta rays.  

The other swimming pool is located on the back of the property and is much calmer, just next to the yoga shala. 

Massages are available in their spa, by well trained therapists, manicure and pedicure. They also offer sessions of energy healing, channeling chakra lightwork, past lives, with personal meditation exercices. Or yoga nindra, which is a guided relaxation practice from the Indian yoga tradition. For deep relaxation, atress management and against anxiety, trauma and insomnia.   

Lets go!

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Rock-N-Reef Uluwatu 

After an exciting ride through Bali’s most busy parts. The driver Wayan droped us in front of a massive wooden sliding portal, my friend straight away took the handle and slided the door open. The Balinese driver gently suggested to observe the signs. Haha, next to the portal was a tiny path, which indicated the location of rock-n-reef, our actual accommodation :), was down the hill. 

We decended about 80 steps, with beautiful views of Uluwatu’s dramatic cliffs, the waves breaking and surfers riding Uluwatu’s them.

We were welcomed at Rock-N-Reef by the smell of incense, Balinese style. A gentle fisherman was preparing its nets for the evening’s catch. 
The location of this place is unreal. The villa resembles a treehouse type house, that’s build around Uluwatu’s cliff. There is a jacuzzi, a pool table, and ocean kayaks. 

I went for a walk on the beach at sunset, while observing the surfers and finding my way though Uluwatu’s interesting rocky formations. 

 I very much enjoyed discovering evey corner of it and observing the sunset, waves and surfers from several viewpoints. I’ve now seen quiet a few places in Bali, but I have to say impossible beach in Uluwatu, has till this date won my choice if favorite beach in Bali. 

Christophe, the owner gave us a warm welcome the next morning. You can feel he’s a passionated surfer and has a gentle and personal touch with the guests. The staff is super lovely and there to cater your holidayin the best way possible. 


So yeah Lets Rock-N-Reef 🎶🎶🎶👣👣👣❤️❤️❤️ 

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Gili spirit #SlowVillas #Slowprivatepoolvillas #GiliAir #SlowSpa #LuxuryRetreats ©Serge Anton

Gili spirit #SlowVillas #Slowprivatepoolvillas #GiliAir #SlowSpa #LuxuryRetreats ©Serge Anton

Gili spirit #SlowVillas #Slowprivatepoolvillas #GiliAir #SlowSpa #LuxuryRetreats ©Serge Anton

Gili spirit #SlowVillas #Slowprivatepoolvillas #GiliAir #SlowSpa #LuxuryRetreats ©Serge Anton

Gili spirit #SlowVillas #Slowprivatepoolvillas #GiliAir #SlowSpa #LuxuryRetreats ©Serge Anton

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